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I'm a 29 year old who has been through many ups and downs in life. I have 2 brothers (one older, one younger) whom I love dearly and am blessed that we have such great relationships together and younger 4 step-siblings that I pray will someday be open to a healthy, normal relationship with me as well.  My parents separated while I was in 8th grade, my mom remarried a few years later & my dad remarried about 5 years after that. I am grateful they divorced so I could have more intimate relationships with them both instead of listening to fighting and strife.  I am also grateful for my step-mom, as she is a lovely woman and a fantastic grandmother to my kids.  I do not have a relationship with my step-father, but pray for him daily to find God and open his heart to a relationship with my little family.  Overall, I feel blessed by how well we all came through such a hard, life-changing time.

I've been married to the love of my life, Brian Joseph Campbell since May 2006.  We married on our 1 year anniversary of dating, and haven't looked back since.  We actually met on myspace.com, through what I assumed was a mutual friend, Lauren.  He messaged me several times and I ignored them since I didn't talk to random internet people.  When I finally decided to look at his profile, I noticed we had a friend in common who I considered a good judge of character, so I messaged him back, we hit it off, eventually met in person (at a Walmart!) and have been in love ever since. He's also a loving provider for our 4 children--our beautiful daughters, Sophia Grace & Madelyn Judith and handsome sons, Noah Levi & Benjamin James! I am so blessed to work at my "dream job" of a SAHM every day thanks to his sacrifice for his family & I strive to do my absolute best while I'm here.

I am a self-proclaimed "birth geek" and advocate for women to make fully informed choices in pregnancy, birth & child rearing. I love discussing all things baby/child related--breastfeeding, cosleeping, baby wearing, attachment parenting styles and I LOVE using cloth diapers on our children & sharing my "fluffy love" with others. I prefer living a more natural lifestyle, as God originally planned for us and have dreams of becoming more self sufficient.  I'm trying to clean up our family's diet, even though it's incredibly hard (and expensive at first), since I feel that it's imporant to honor God by doing what's right in our eating habits as well. I don't try to judge others choices, but rather, help them make fully informed decisions that are best for them in their circumstances.

I am currently a certified birth doula from CBI, looking to return to the field after a 2 year break after having Ben. Please share my name with any pregnant ladies you know within 1.5 hours of Red Lion (Central,PA & Northern MD areas mainly). I hope to eventually teach child birth classes and become a certified Lactation Consultant, so I can help other mothers & mothers-to-be achieve their birth & feeding goals! :)

I also have a passion for singing and listening to beautiful music of all varieties & hope to soon find a new outlet to get those creative juices flowing once more. I have been in high school choir, chamber singers (were ranked 6th in the nation at the time I graduated), and female singing groups in my early music career.  By college, I was in Shippensburg University's concert choir (was president for my junior and senior years) and Madrigal Singers & was able to tour Spain with them during the spring of 2006.  I hold a music minor and am a Pi Nu Epsilon brother (music fraternity). Music is part of my soul.  Music helps me express myself, which can be hard for me at times due to being a shy & quiet introvert most of my life. ;)

I am a Christian & am amazed by the wild ride we've been riding with God by our side these last few years especially. He always knows what's best for us, even if we don't agree at the time & has taken me through some very dark times into the light again. I am reminded daily of His amazing blessings & hope to share His love with others as well.

That's me in a nutshell. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I'm an open book!


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