Cloth Diapers

I've been using cloth diapers on my little ones since April 2009.  I started using them because Maddy's preemie butt was so sensitive to disposables that she would break out all of the time from them.  She had several yeast infections and I hated the idea of putting all of those chemicals on my tiny baby who already had a rough start from the beginning of her life.  Once I started using them on her during the day, I gained confidence to do it overnight and from there, I have not looked back!  I've used very few disposables since then, and every time I use one, I immediately wish it would be a cloth diaper instead! Disposables gross me out!

Cloth is better for the environment, your wallet & your baby!  I've lost "friends" since starting cloth, but still would not change a thing!  We totally feel the fluffy love in the Campbell household!

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