Thursday, June 25, 2009

God is amazing!

So even though this was not in our plans, the moving is coming at a great time. I found even more disgusting proof that God does not want us in this fire-hole of a house today. Aside from the windows that are decayed and the glass is falling out of them, the recently discovered mold growing in the walls (scary!), the electricity spikes for no reason, the leaking oil tank and dangerously outdated furnace, the wet basement 99% of the time, the holes in the attic where birds have apparently been living (eww!), the sewage stains on the livingroom wall, the gunshot holds just patched over (not painted), the ant problem, the crumbling foundation, the driveway that has holes in it as big as Maddy, and the landlords who don't return calls unless you're late with rent ...we found a rat newly living under the porch. GROSS! My step-sister helped me move some things today and she saw it scamper. Ugg. I thought there were rats living in the ugly [condemned] brown house next door and the one neighbor girl said her dad killed a rat in their house (on the other side). Now I cannot wait to get out of here already! ICK! I definitely plan on reporting Hershey Real Estate Services Inc. to the BBB and health code inspector (a friend of a friend has the local number). Definitely SLUM landlords!

Packing is going ok. I got some major help from my mom and step-sister Kelly today which was a blessing. I still have a lot to put into storage, but am hoping we can make decent progress this weekend with the help of my dad and his truck and my step-mom watching the girls. That's the toughest part of packing--taking care of the both of them as well!

God just gave me such peace and I know He wanted us out of here. I was just too dense to realize it! All of these struggles have come from this house and I will be glad to finally say good riddence! He has really healed my heartbreak and I cannot wait to move forward with life and whatever else He hands us! I'm feeling so good about moving now also since my mom repotted some plants and veggies and we can salvage almost everything (aside from the things living in the ground), but I plan on coming back to harvest as it's my legal right!

Alrighty. Onward to bed. Am up WAAAAY too late. :oP


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