Monday, August 31, 2009

Maddy's growing!!!

We had her 7 month well-baby checkup today. My "preemie" is 15.9lbs (25%), 26 3/4" (50%) long & head circumference of 16 3/4" (50%) according to her birth date (not due date). So proud of her!! And despite her not rolling yet (which dr wasn't concerned about because how she well she pushes up and half-rolls her body), she said Maddy's developmentally advanced, not just for a typical 7 month old--but since she was nearly 2 months early too! She sits up for minutes at a time all alone, passes objects from hand to hand well & grabbing/grasping, how she babbles so much and has started developing stranger anxiety already. The doctor was impressed and said she's doing great. What a relief! *phew* I worry about this munchkin more than I did with Sophie & and glad for the doctor relieving my worry. And she hated her shots still & wailed, but is napping now. Poor babe! So we have to go back to the doctors next month for Sophie's 3 year old checkup and get flu shot #1. Then come back in the end of October/early November for Maddy's 2nd flu shot. We're living at the doctors, aren't we?! Lol!


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