Saturday, October 24, 2009

Well, October IS Breast Cancer Awareness Month.....

It's been a whirlwind week. While there were some great moments (visiting with Bobbie-Jo & Adam, finally getting to eat some Chipotle and Maddy's 1 tooth popping through the gum), there were some less than great moments too. The major one being my best friend, my mom, being diagnosed with breast cancer. It still seems hard to believe that this is really happening, but she has faith & hope & is a strong Christian woman who knows that God will be with her through it all. It just came out of no where.

She found a lump 3 months ago which was an infected duct or something & they treated it and it went down. She went back this week for her follow-up & routine mamogram and it turned into a 3 hour doctor visit that ended in her getting a biopsy of the dense tissue mass they discovered had changed. She got the results Friday afternoon that it was positive, but her doctor has been super encouraging & referred her to one of the best doctors in the area. I know her doctor is a great guy and have faith that God will guide them to treat my mom in the best ways possible. He helped to make her feel better inspite of this shocking news & encouraged her about how glad they are to have caught it early while it's still very treatable.

The girls & I are still planning on going up to Buffalo next Friday and Karl stepped up and said if her surgeon schedules her appointment Thursday or Friday, that he will come get us and bring the 3 of us up. He knows how much this visit means to her & how good for her mental health it will be (and mine too!). I know I just need to hug her for about 5 minutes straight. Sophie was so great today and prayed with me for Grandma and said she will pray everyday. (a side note: Sophie is obsessed with praying lately. She gets her Barbies to pray and everything! Yay!!)

I won't lie. I'm scared. I hate that my mom has to deal with this after all of the trials she's been through in her life. She doesn't deserve it, but then again, who does? I have those fleeting "what if...." thoughts because she's my mom. She's my best friend. Heck, we named Maddy (MadeLYN JUDITH) after her! I want her to be around for her 100th birthday and I know she's a fighter, so we're gonna fight this thing and win! I'm just so proud of her for being so faithful and calm. She said it hasn't completely sunk in, but she knows that God will be there through it all. So please pray for her if you can. I know that she would appreciate all of the prayers she can get. Thanks.


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