Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When will she SLEEP!!

So Sophie is the world's worst sleeper. Has been since birth and for the last 3 years I've been miserable about it. While I've tried so many different methods, nothing seems to get her to sleep right. She is SO cranky right now that I've resorted to letting her watch "Yo Gabba Gabba" again on demand, even though we already watched our TV for the day, just to get a break from her grump!

How do you get a 3 (going on 13!) year old to sleep? If she naps, she is up until 11pm or later. If she doesn't, she's cranky. She typically gets up the same time Maddy wakes up (8am-ish). I just want her on a normal schedule!! What makes it more challenging is that she & Maddy have to share a room while we're living here w/the in-laws, so crying it out or whatever will not work here w/out disrupting everyone else. She also decides to come to our bed in the middle of the night again (I thought we nixed this a few months ago!) and makes Brian cranky because he has to get up early for work again (yay for a new job!).

I'm just tired (literally) of juggling both girls weird sleep schedules. Maddy's trying to drop her 3rd nap, so we're moving her naps around a bit and bedtime up a bit for her too, which is making her a bit cranky too. And we're going to have 2 long days in the car Thursday & Friday, so naps and bedtime are going to be all screwed up. BOOOOO!!! I am definitely envious of parents who have kids that want to go to sleep at 8pm and sleep all night in their own bed! hehe.

Ok, venting done. Now to go get Maddy as she just woke up. It never ends. lol!!


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