Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cars suck!

Just venting about our car issues. Mine has been in the shop for the past 2 weeks because the mechanic is taking is good 'ole time and I'm sure screwing up with the total cost too. Brian said the guy said it'll be ready by Tuesday, but I'm not holding my breath. It just really sucks when I NEED to go to the store today & have no where to get there. Really sucks. The mechanic guy better take payments or its gonna be until Christmas before we can pay it all. Ugg. I didn't want to put work into the car at all, since I've only ever owned lemons and know when they're not worth fixing, but MIL had it fixed, 1 week later, its back in the shop again. And Brian's car isn't running either (tranny's going out & leaking gear oil like a sieve), so we're completely car-less. Brian's mom's been taking him to/from work, since that's one thing we can't have him lose--another job. And our only ticket to getting back on our feet & into our own place again.

Car issues screwed up our Thanksgiving plans to see my family, since we haven't seen them in almost 2 months & I miss them terribly. I just hope we can see them for Christmas stuff, because I will go crazy if I can't. I hate being so far away from my family & friends. I used to be super close and miss living in Lancaster. My "home". This area is not home, but it may have to turn into that, which really depresses me. I wouldn't mind the 2 hour drive each way to visit family for the day if I had something reliable to drive it. I know when we get my car back, all I'll be thinking of is "when is it going to break down next?". I'd even take living in York. The Blue Ridge Summit area sucks. I went to school in Franklin/Cumberland counties, so I know how little these areas have to offer.

Ok, enough feeling sorry for myself & I'm done venting at the moment. Here's hoping things start looking up soon!


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