Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day, Every Day

I am semi-crunchy in our lifestyle. Heck, I think I'd fit in with hippies even, minus the drugs, lack of bathing & no bras thing. I try to do my part whenever I can with reusing, reducing and recycling. We use cloth diapers/wipes, bring our own grocery sacks to the store, & try to visit the farmers market for our food whenever we can among other "green" things we do. I cannot wait until we're back in a normal home so I don't have to use my rack to hang out clothes/diapers, but get my clothesline back and don't have to have a bazillion plants in pots, but rather allow them to grow in the garden where they long to be. But for now, I'm doing whatever I can to help my family live as "eco-friendly" as we can. (btw-it also saves a LOT of money to do many "green" things, for those of you who think being eco-friendly is a bunch of fluff with all of this global warming fodder being forced down our throats).

I am from the train of thought that if our bodies are to be treated as temples for the Holy Spirit to dwell within, then our Earth needs to be treated in the same manner. We need the same level of respect for this world God gave us and protect it the best we can. We need to stop unnecessary waste & reduce our carbon footprint. Each of us has a part to play in keeping this planet as clean and healthy as possible.

Have you ever been to a landfill? Have you ever seen and smelled the disgusting-ness that is literally piled there? My dad & step-mom live a few miles from one & it is beyond gross being near it. And to think, those piles of trash disguised as grass covered hills are from us...our waste. It's just sickening. Let alone the smell when you're within a few miles of it. Brian calls it "Jurassic Park" when we drive by because of the high power fences surrounding it. It just makes me so sad to see a part of the Earth that God took so much time and love creating for us being literally trashed. Think about that the next time you carelessly toss something away instead of taking the extra time to recycle.

I truly feel bad for future generations having to clean up and deal with our mess, but I know I am doing my best to keep our part of the mess to a minimum. Will you?


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