Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week

Noah is a mostly breastfed baby. I'm very proud to say that! Even though I wish he was exclusively fed breastmilk, my body just does not make enough & I've come to terms with it. This time, I have everything going for me--a variety of herbs I take multiple times a day, domperidone to take, pumping with a fantastic high-grade double pump, frequent nursing (so much so I swear I'm a pacifier!), lactogenic foods in my diet, lots of rest & water and just feeling much more at ease with it. I still don't produce enough despite deep desires to (and slight jealousy at those who are able to. Still working on this one.), but just knowing that Noah has been mostly fed by me for the 1st week of his life is a huge accomplishment. I will not set myself up with time-frame goals of how long we'll nurse, but rather as long as I have milk flowing, he will be the recipient of it. When it stops, I'll know we had a good run at it & be proud of our accomplishment together.

So we're celebrating World Breastfeeding Week by nursing as much as we can! We nurse when company comes to see him & will nurse when we're out tomorrow (his 1 week doctor checkup is in the morning & I'm so anxious to hear "yes, he's gained weight back"). Sophie & Maddy both see mommy nursing Noah with my breasts and they think it's completely the norm & I aim to keep it that way! Sophie even likes to "help" me get him to latch on & often breastfeeds her babies while I nurse Noah. I love being able to teach the next generation that breastfeeding is not "gross" or "obscene" but rather what God intended our breasts to do! While I may not completely agree that every woman can breastfeed their baby (heck, and some men can lactate too! Google it!), I will agree that most women can typically lactate & that breast is DEFINITELY the best!

It cracks me up when I have to supplement with formula after he drains both breasts. He makes a face like "what is this awful tasting stuff?" When I have enough milk pumped before he needs a supplement, he never makes that face, so I know it's the formula face. Makes me feel good to know he prefers the good stuff! I just wish I had the means to supplement him completely with breastmilk, but formula isn't poison & I gave it to my 2 girls and they're healthy & normal. I was breastfed for a short time (turns out my insuffient glandular growth of the breast is genetic & mom had the exact same issues--praying my girls won't, but ready to support & help them if they do) & then had formula as well. It's not the devil; it's just not the perfect food for a baby.

My wish, though, is for every new mother to at least TRY nursing their baby. Give it a good attempt while you're in the hospital/birth center/with a midwife/etc. since there are typically people around to help you get started. If you need help, contact your local WIC office, La Leche League or get on a social networking site & ask questions! There are tons of resources now & lots of lactivists ready to help in whatever way they can. All you have to do is ask! :o)

So here are some pictures of Noah after he nurses himself to sleep. I'm not exactly comfortable putting nursing pictures up on the net (yet?), but you can tell he's a content little boob man!


  1. you are doing great work, mama. i for one, am very proud of you!

  2. andrea, there's some tea that i've seen here in jackson to help lactating mamas...i would love to send you some!

  3. Oh my goodness! He is a cutie! I hope this doesn't make you feel badly but I had so much breast milk I always had achy, full boobs after nursing my newborn and I'd have to pump the excess. It was a double edged sword, though, because pumping just made me produce more. I actually called five hospitals asking if I could donate it and none of them accepted donations. Eventually, my milk supply became normal so my daughter drank most of it when I went back to work part time. It was nice, because on some stressful days I wasn't able to pump enough for her feeding the next day.

    It's just weird how that happens, how God makes each of our bodies differently. Don't feel guilty, please, for how your body produces milk. Your giving your baby the absolute best and a little extra formula won't hurt him. He's still getting the good stuff!


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