Sunday, August 29, 2010

Updates all around!

So we're all doing pretty well.  Hard to believe that Noah's already 1 month old!  Seems like he's been here forever!  The girls are both still amazing helpers--Maddy likes to help more & more lately, which is so sweet.  Sophie gets upset when she can't hold him still, but there's much love & no jealousy so that rocks!

I'm working so hard to keep my supply up.  I believe the thrush is about gone, but I'm still working very hard to get him my milk before anything else.  I'm out of almost all of my supplements & with no money coming in still, I'm pretty bummed that I'm going to have to be without and see how it goes still.  I am scared my supply will plummet like it did w/the girls, but hoping & praying that's not the case.  I'm just not ready to give up yet!  I've been "power pumping" whenever I get the chance to and nurse like mad still.  He's been giving me one 4 hour stretch in the night a lot of the time, so we'll see if I have to start waking myself to pump since he's not eating then.  I appreciate the sleep, but worry about my supply at the same time.

I get a lot of looks like "you're nursing again? didn't he just eat?" from family, but they're not used to breastfed babies.  Breastmilk is the best stuff out there & gets digested more efficiently so he's hungry sooner than if he was strictly formula fed.  This means so much to me to nurse him, not only for the countless benefits he's receiving, but also for lower my risk of breast cancer among other things.  I'm not crazy for working my tail off to give him what little milk I have to offer.  Any drop of the best stuff out there is worth it in my opinion.  I just pray we'll be able to nurse for a long while yet!!

Sophie is almost 4.  Holy cow has time flown!  She's excited for her birthday, not because of gifts or cake, but because "I'll FINALLY be 4, Mom!  I've been waiting too long."  LOL!  That girl cracks me up so much!  The other day (after we watched National Lampoon's Vacation), she was playing Barbies & named her dolls Clark & Ellen Griswald.  I nearly died laughing when she told me that.  She's so quick & so smart.  I am just so proud of her.  Even the temper that likes to rear it's ugly head--especially during the time to clean up toys!  Yikes!

Maddy's 19 months old as of Saturday & is cutting all 4 eyeteeth at the same time.  Poor babe had a very slight fever today & chomping on whatever she could fit into her mouth.  I cannot wait for them to just come in already so my sweet baby girl comes back to us.  Cranky Maddy is no fun!  She's also picking up more words too.  YAY!  She calls for Brian's Dad "JC" now & calls my dad "BaPah" for Opa.  She mimicks every stinkin thing anyone does, so I think it's helping her try to say words now rather than pointing and grunting.  She's also been doing great w/the potty when I'm there to help her, so hopefully we can bring a potty chair back to the house & let her try it "on her own" and see how she does.  The girl hates having diapers on so here's to early potty training!

Noah has his 1 month well-visit tomorrow & I'm anxious to see how he's grown.  He's almost outgrown some of his tiny newborn clothes because of how long he's getting.  Bittersweet feelings from it.  Glad to see he's growing & thriving, but sad he's not going to be tiny & a baby forever.  He's a great baby...I feel so blessed by him & he's been the easiest child yet.  I joke he's our reward for the other two. haha!  Still co-sleeping in our bed at night since he sleeps best next to his food source, but I'm trying to get him to sleep in the Moses Basket during the day so hopefully he'll be able to transition to his own bed whenever we all decide it's time.  Brian's not too comfortable with him in the bed, so it might not last as long as I like, but I'm grateful for the time we've shared so far.

No news on the job front yet.  Brian got offered that same dang job yet again that he's been offered 4x now.  Each time w/different pay & vague start dates.  They've pulled their offer 4/4 times now, so he's written them off.  If they offer again, um, no thanks!  We're both SO ready for him to work again.  This whole no money at all thing really sucks.  I have $30 to get us gas to go to the doctors tomorrow & next week.  Forget it if we need stuff from the store.  It's just not in our budget, let alone the "extras" like herbs I need.  Being poor sucks!

I'm doing ok.  Very fatigued lately probably because I'm not eating properly.  Oatmeal breakfasts and then I usually get busy & forget to eat aside from a bite of whatever the girls are having.  I need to figure out a new plan, but it seems that everyone always wants to eat at the same time which totally stinks for eating for me.  Bah.  I really want to get more active too, so hopefully walking will resume soon.  I need to exercise to get more energy too, just not sure how to fit it all into my day yet.  Once I get arms free from nursing or holding a sleeping Noah, then it'll be a little easier I think.  This schedule is rough figuring out! hehe.

Well, that's about it for now.  I'm sure I only have moments left before someone wants something from me!!


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