Monday, November 22, 2010

10 Holiday Survival Tips!

The holiday season is always crazy with things to do and people to see.  Here are my top 10 survival tips:

1-Plan ahead! I start Christmas shopping Dec 26th for the next year & pick things up throughout the year to give as gifts and serve as decorations.  You can score some killer deals this way!  When you go to the stores to shop, make a list to follow and try to go during less crowded times to get more accomplished.

2-Create a budget & stick to it!  We don't use credit cards for Christmas, but rather save $x.xx amount to use for Christmas gifts/decorations/extras.  I set a limit for each person we buy for as well, so we don't go overboard with what we purchase.

3-Shop online!  With super saver shipping from Amazon, to cyber Monday deals, it's a great way to get most of your shopping done from the comfort of your own home.  I know last year I got about half of my shopping done online with great deals to boot!  I've already got some of my shopping for this year done online!!

4-Get everyone involved!  My girls want to wrap presents, but frankly, they're not good at it.  So I get them involved by having them give me pieces of tape or attaching the bow to the present.  My hubby is darned good at putting up the lights & being the official cookie taste tester!

5-Buy your holiday cards online!  Check out Tiny Prints Christmas cards for a fun & hassle free way to have personalized cards delivered right to your door.  No more fretting over trying to find enough of the perfect cards to send out to your friends and loved ones!  It's all right there & so easy to do!

6-Multi-task!  Watch a Christmas movie or listen to Christmas music when decorating the house, wrapping gifts, or baking.  It makes the task more enjoyable and I know I even look forward to doing these sometimes mundane tasks go by more easily.

7-Make a special tradition!!  We started making gingerbread houses as a family when Sophie was a baby and make it a point to do them every year.  My nephew looks forward to it so much every year of coming over and eating lots of candy...err...decorating a house! ;o)

8-Stop to enjoy some Christmas lights!  There are so many amazing displays set up during this season.  We love driving around and looking at homes in the evenings throughout the season.  It really gets you into the spirit and the joy of the holidays & makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside like when you were a kid.

9-Focus on what really matters, your loved ones & the reason we celebrate.  This time of year is a great time to show people how much you love them, not just through gifts, but through your words and actions.  Spend time with one another and spread that love to others.  I know my girls are starting to understand the reason we celebrate Christmas is because of Jesus's birth and that we need to try to be like Christ in our daily lives and actions.

10-Breathe!!!  Eat a cookie, sip some egg nog and remember that ultimately, it doesn't matter if the turkey is dry, cousin Eddie surprises you with a visit or a cat burns down your Christmas tree.  The holiday does come to an end and sometimes you just need to sit back and enjoy the ride!

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