Monday, November 15, 2010


We've been busy (as usual it seems!) & are trying to get some things organized since 7 people living in a small townhouse is not easy. 1 toy out of the toy room & it suddenly looks very cluttered in here. And 3 kiddos means lots of "stuff" accumulates too.

So I spent last week organizing the girls room & playroom on top of the rest of my daily responsibilities, so any free time I had was spent doing just that. I feel much better now that I'm getting a handle on the clutter and more organized again. I am seriously OCD when things are not in their place. I HATE it & feel so uncomfortable until its resolved.

In the morning, I plan to go through Noah's 0-3 month clothes & replace them with the 3-6 month stuff. I cannot believe he is growing so fast! Over 12lbs now and getting rolls. Love it so much!!

I cannot wait for the clutter to disappear. Yeah, I know it will return, but hopefully we can better manage it.

Next time I need to take before & after shots. I need to be reminded of how it did look, before my 2 girls trash it in 0.02 seconds again! Lol!

I am very anxious for when we get our own place again and declutter our storage unit. That's gonna take forever to go & will feel so good when its over. I will welcome the organization though!

I hope this starts a trend in our lives to declutter more & more!

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