Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NIP--Nursing In Public

I've always been pretty modest when nursing my kids. It made me a bit uncomfortable to just "whip it out" (btw-how is it possible to even "whip" a boob out?) & feed my baby.  I was shy & it probably contributed also to not being able to nurse my girls very long.  With Noah, we live with my inlaws, so I have to be around people if I wanted to nurse him at all, so I had to put my inhibitions aside & just do it.

I remember fumbling with a cover or blanket in those early weeks, trying to unhook the nursing bra and not make a total fool of myself while trying to get Noah latched on properly.  I did not want to expose what seemed like the world to any boobage.  We kept getting better and better at this nursing thing, so it finally came time to have to NIP--Nurse In Public when Noah was just a few weeks old.  We went to a very open, mostly deserted park to let the girls play & he woke up hungry.  I got him latched & it was exhilarating!  It was like I was having a completely awesome empowering moment feeding my hungry baby!!  I fumbled with a cover, but soon realized the only thing I'm actually embarrassed about showing while nursing is my mama-tummy, not a nip-slip!  So I made a mental note to wear a belly band in the future & nursed him under a tree.

I've since NIP-ed a lot.  Noah tends to prefer outdoor nursing even!  Today I nursed in the "target practice" section of the Cabela's store we were visiting.  I had a few passersby who were unsure if they should smile, pretend not to look or just ignore me.  I don't care what they did--I knew they knew what I was doing and that's the important part.  It excited me to have that freedom to feed my baby wherever & whenever it needs to be done.  I almost wished someone would ask me to cover, move or leave, so I can throw the law that says I don't have to back in their face!  I think my hubby is more concerned with me NIP than I am!  I love it & want to expand my list of where I've done it!  lol!!

But anyway, I enjoy nursing in public, w/out a cover and try to do it wherever/whenever I can.  I want to help show others that it's not indecent, but rather it's one of the 2 main functions of a breast--feeding a baby!! (the other being sexual so a man wants to impregnate his mate--thus providing a newer generation offspring to be fed by said breasts. evolution at its finest.).  My girls know that babies need to drink milk from their mommies breasts & Sophie even wants to "help" me sometimes.  Not sure how that one works, but I'm glad to be teaching a new generation that breastfeeding is nothing to be scared or ashamed of!  Be proud!!

My only problem with NIP is what to do with Maddy (21 months)?  She's not one to sit still and wait, and little games/snacks only last so long.  Any suggestions??


  1. You go momma...It's crazy how people can actually treat you like a freak for nourishing your child. Blessings to you from the hop.

    your newest follower,
    Forest Rose

  2. Thankfully my daughter is almost 5 and my little one is 5 months so I can NIP and not have to worry about her. I can't imagine trying to keep track of a toddler while having a baby attached, LOL. Kudos to you! And for what it's worth, my daughter wanted to help me too. :)

    I just wanted to say "hi." I'm a new follower. I found you from the Friday Blog Hop! :)

    Tamara from
    a southerner, a yankee and a mixed breed (or two!)

  3. Hi Andrea! Just visiting to see what's new with you. So glad Sophie did so great at her checkup appointment and hope Maddy's ear infection will get better.
    Have a great weekend and don't forget to join in with us at Boost My Blog Friday :) Happy Friday!

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  7. Thanks for the follow! I'm following you back!

    Hmmm, my other son was 4 so no suggetons from me on what to do with Maddy. Sorry! I am interested in the other's suggestions becuase we're currently trying for #3. And my son wanted to help me nurse. He got his baby and nursed him while I nursed my baby. :)

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  11. THANK YOU.
    Once I had someone ask me to go to the bathroom to breast feed my baby I actually told him to grab his food and go eat there is he didn't like me feeding my baby.

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