Sunday, December 5, 2010

For the Love of Cosleeping

Noah has slept in my arms next to me every night since his birth (including in the hospital despite it being "against hospital policy" & having nurses reprimand me for it--those insensitive jerks!).  From the moment I gave birth to him, I did not want to let go and honestly, I felt guilty putting him in that plastic fishbowl "bassinet" they want you to put your brand new baby in.  I probably have some mommy-guilt left over from seeing Maddy in the incubator alone for those 2 1/2 weeks and am making up for it with Noah.  I never thought I would be cosleeping with my 3rd baby, since we didn't sleep with the girls in our bed very often, but there he is, snuggling in the middle of our bed every night!

my cosleeper! (don't mind the mismatched sheets!)

I think part of the reason why I love it is how easy it makes night time feeds/changes.  HE'S RIGHT THERE!  It's so much more convenient than having to wake yourself up enough to get up to go into the nursery or even to the bassinet across the room.  He eats and can fall asleep in my arms and I don't worry about waking him up when I put him back down...because he's right next to me!  I don't even have to leave my soft, warm bed! ;o) And when he wakes up early & I'm not ready to get up yet, I just lay on my side and get him latched and he nurses himself back to sleep.  He's happy with his mommy pacifier, I'm happy with getting more sleep and he helps boost my milk supply at the same time! Mega bonus!

Another good thing about cosleeping is we get to bond as mommy, daddy & Noah so much more easily.  He doesn't get any one-on-one time with his parents otherwise and I think he really loves it.  We'll just lay in bed and let him "talk" with us before we go to sleep sometimes.  He's already such a ham with smiling, cooing and laughing at us, I can only imagine what is in store for us in the next few months!  And sometimes, Brian and I just lay and stare at him, so proud of the beautiful baby boy we created.

I love waking up to see this face!!

I don't know about you, but I always sleep so much better with my kids are in the same room or bed with me.  I like knowing they're right there if they need me and I love to snuggle up and steal kisses from their cute sleeping faces.  Cosleeping with Noah lets me snuggle and cuddle all night, every night!  A dream come true!  He sleeps so well and I do too getting to breathe in sweet baby scent all night long.  When I get up for the day, the first face I typically see is my sweet tiny baby boy smiling back at me.  It makes my heart full in an instant and you can't help but smile to start your day after that!

I never, ever thought I would be cosleeping with my third baby, but look where we are!  Mommy, daddy & Noah sleeping in the same bed, and we couldn't be happier!

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  1. Oh yes, I'm there too!...........And I agree, I feel so much better with them right there.
    In fact, it was only about a month or so before TigerGirl arrived that TigerBoy's bed moved to the other side of our extremely small sleeping space.........

    My first night in the hospital, after having had a csection, the nurse was recommending I send the baby to the nursery, since I wouldn't be able to get up quickly if need be........I was like, oh no, no, no.....she's staying with me. I politely declined! My solution to not being able to get up? Hold her in my arms.........


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