Monday, December 13, 2010

Go Ravens!!!

I was never one who was really into sports.  I mean, I played softball and soccer, but never had a real desire to watch games on tv or go to local sporting events.  And then I met Brian.  He's a huge & I mean HUGE football fan!  As a Maryland native, he of course he follows the Baltimore Ravens, so when we started dating, he turned me into a football fan with the constant game watching & explaining the rules.  So naturally, as we expanded our family, we had to raise them the right way and teach them from day 1 to love the Ravens!!

And every year, we have to get our family pictures taken in full out Ravens attire.  So without futher adieu, here's our picture from this year:



  1. what a great pic of your family!!! love it :)

  2. found your blog through our twitter chat tonight! thanks so much for your help! you have such a beautiful family!


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