Monday, January 31, 2011

I cannot believe it!

I cannot believe my little preemie is now 2 years old!!
I cannot believe how hard she works at trying out new words all of the time.
I cannot believe how good she is at drawing. It's her favorite thing to do (on the walls, her legs, the name it! ugh!).
I cannot believe that she is already getting good at using the potty!
I cannot believe that in a matter of months, I'll be down to just 1 in diapers!
I cannot believe my little Noah man is 6 months old!
I cannot believe we made it to 6 months on our breastfeeding journey!!!
I cannot believe how he loved his first taste of food this weekend (avocado).
I cannot believe that he's already over 15lbs & loves to jump whenever we let him!!
I cannot believe that my baby boy is pushing up with his arms & slowly scooting/rolling across the floor to get to toys!
I cannot believe that Sophie is the one person who can calm Noah down in 2 seconds by singing to him.
I cannot believe how friendly & outgoing Sophie is to kids and adults!! Wish I had her personality! ;o)
I cannot believe that we're having 1 more birthday celebration on Saturday for Maddy (total of 3!).
I cannot believe they're calling for MORE snow after the mounds we still have all over the place.
I cannot believe how little time I have lately--it's almost as if I've been spending my "free" time out in the snow playing with the girls! ;o)
I cannot believe I found again! Takes me back to those random college nights watching funny movies like this.
I cannot believe that I have run out of things to write about on this quick update! ;o)


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