Saturday, February 12, 2011

Well Check-Ups x2

We went to the doctor on Thursday for Maddy's 2 year check-up & Noah's 6 month check-up. I scheduled them together so we wouldn't have to take a bunch of trips & I figured since Brian would be along, we could do it no worries. Well, Brian woke up with a migraine & didn't come along, so it was just me with 3 kiddos and a busy, busy day. Oh, and did I mention I was running on about no sleep since all 3 of them were up well past midnight?! Thursday was a LONG day.

But the good news, the kiddos are growing & developing well. Yay!
Maddy was 23 1/4lbs (was 24lbs at WIC 2 weeks ago) & 33" tall. Right on track developmentally & the doctor said she had a good amount of words (my worry) & her ears were clear (my other worry).

Noah was 14 Lbs, 11.5oz (was 15lbs at WIC 2 weeks ago) & 26 3/4" long with a 17" head. He looked great developmentally, has 1 tooth that popped through & #2 that's almost through as well. He rolls everywhere & pushes up as if he's about to crawl. He also sits unassisted for longer stretches each day & knows my voice without seeing me and searches for me upon hearing it. So he's right on track!
Then the doctor started telling me I can give Noah more foods & juice/water (since I mentioned that we started playing with solids, but nothing consistent yet), I can stop feeding him at night "since he doesn't need it anymore" (*psshhh*!!!), he can cry a little to settle himself (um, no way!) & he can have a flu shot with his other vaccinations (we'll pass!).

I mostly smiled & nodded, silently knowing I wouldn't follow his advice at all & finally remembering why I don't schedule appointments ever with Dr. Killough. He's the furthest thing from attachment parenting ever in the practice & we typically see one of the awesome female doctors or nurse practitioners who are more AP friendly (and they're the ones who usually comment on the cute cloth diapers I pick out just to hear them comment on them. Hehe!).

Then he asked again, "You ARE giving him the flu shot, right? Just sign here." I said no & when he asked if Maddy was getting it, I declined again & he gave me looks of utter disapproval. He then asked me, "Well, did you at least get a flu shot for yourself to pass along to Noah?" & I said no & he said, "That's just too bad." I said that we were taking precautions against cold/flu by hand washing, avoiding crowds, healthy eating, extra vitamins & so far we've had just 2 colds, so I think its working. And how I don't like that H1N1 is automatically added to the seasonal flu shot, so there's no choice to even separate it since it hasn't been widely independently studied yet either. He gave me a "well, I'm a doctor so of course only I know best" look while his med student commended us on a good job.

I was proud of myself for sticking to my guns and doing what I believe is best for my family. And that includes taking 3 kids along to a double well check-up by myself. The nurses commended me & commented at how well behaved my girls were (Noah chilled in the wrap the whole time). I didn't need some entitled doctor to have a power trip on me. While I do get my kids vaccinated against some/most things, I refuse to just listen to a doctors advice blindly & uninformed. I weigh the information out there plus the doctors opinion plus my family/friends opinions together & make the decision that's best for my family.

But we made it in and out just fine & the kids were great the rest of the day for me too, despite being in the van for so long. They let me get a few needed things from our storage shed & to pickup about 40oz of donor milk (*squee!!*) before coming back home. I just hope they start making that good behavior a more frequent thing! Lol!


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