Monday, April 11, 2011

Sleep Will Happen (ie: I'm feeling a bit better about it)

So I came across this article today reposted on Peaceful Parenting's facebook page.  It was exactly what I needed today too.

It was an excerpt of an article Dr. William Sears wrote & basically reminds me that night wakings are actually a good thing!  They are a protective feature against SIDS.  

"...infants are not designed to sleep through the night until they're mature enough to do so safely."

This actually makes me feel a lot better about Noah's rough sleeping lately.  He obviously has a need to be awake still, I just have to figure out how to meet that need.  Maybe it's a growth spurt or new skill that keeps his mind working overtime (he does pull up to standing on EVERYTHING now & cruises around furniture).

While I wish we could put the mattress on the floor, since I know I'd feel Noah would be safer, but living where we do, we utilize every inch of storage space and we use the space under the bed, the entire (and I mean, entire) closet, have stuff stacked in hallway, in the girls room, pretty much everywhere possible. 4 adults, 2 kids and a baby in a very small 3 bedroom townhouse isn't exactly roomy.  

So I think I've decided I want to either let Noah nap in Maddy's crib or set up a pack 'n play somewhere (ha!) and try naps there.  I've been starting to wake him up earlier in the morning and try to push naps back as long as possible.  We did good Friday & Saturday with them, but today he snuck in a short evening nap and was up until about 11pm because of it. I just need to stay strong and I know we can kick this.  

I'm also thinking of adding another "food" meal too.  Noah gets about the equivalent of a jar of baby puree at dinner and sometimes lunch when I remember to.  He's been acting like he could eat more, so I think I'm gonna try yogurt in the morning as well and see if that helps keep his tummy full for better daytime naps.  Getting his naps straightened out is key, so wish me luck getting them straightened out!


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