Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So not much new to report. Still broke thanks to more financial set backs. Ugh. Still cosleeping with a little boy who refuses to sleep (or even be) further then a foot away from me. He cries if I'm not in the same room as him, even if he's with familiar people. Brian stayed with him while I took the girls into their dentist appointment a few weeks ago & Brian said Noah cried the entire 1.5 hours we were in there. *sigh* I need a break away from him sometimes & can't get it. :o/

Noah is also still waking at night a lot, making me hate this situation more. And he barely eats still during the day too--he will eat about 2 bites of something before he refuses to eat more. It's SO frustrating because he dropped off the weight charts (he only gained 0.5lbs in 3 months & now weighs a whopping 18lbs) & he's grown length wise a little bit, but still is so tiny. It worries me. He is nursing a lot still, but when I'm pumping it's mainly foremilk now & very little hindmilk, where the fat mainly is. :o/

Maddy still doesn't poop on the potty consistently. More like 1x a week. I'm so frustrated with her, but can't let her feel that pressure. I'm letting her lead still, but trying to remind her to sit on the potty or catch her before she poops, but dang this girl is stubborn!!! I traded some diapers for training pants, and they're too big or she thinks they're diapers. Blah! :o/

I'm feeling pretty down about our situation lately & have been staying off of Facebook/twitter/blogging because I just don't feel like doing any of it. I'm trying to stay positive & rely on God for answers, but it's just hard sometimes.

So yeah, nothing new or exciting to write about. Just *sigh*


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