Monday, June 24, 2013

Life Update!

So it's about time I officially announce our big news on the blog! If you've noticed the updated "about me" section, you'll see that we're expecting baby #4! I'm due Dec. 22, so this new babe may be a Christmas baby! Pregnancy-wise, I've been feeling fine. A bit of nausea in the early weeks & I've been easily exhausted, but I really can't complain about feeling terrible.

However, I've been sick with a sinus/ear/throat issue since Mother's Day, which I'm FINALLY getting to go to an ENT to check me out tomorrow. I've been on 4+ different meds my family doctor prescribed before sending a referral out. I've been counting down the days to get some answers/relief!

Our "blessing" of a car turned out to be not as great as we thought.  It's been in the shop 3x since we bought it for things that supposedly checked out fine. So we pretty much bought the truck twice and ate up all of our savings. :( But at least it has room to carry all of us (and the new babe when he/she arrives). I'm just praying we can save enough again for a 2nd car, even if it's just a commuter car for now.  I'm also praying Brian finds a new job, as some of his coworkers are being incredibly rude about the new babe. One of them keeps telling Brian that he should've just "had it taken care of", meaning murder a tiny baby though abortion. Brian reminds him that it's not an option and he will be taking care of it once it's born and for the rest of it's life, but this ignorant guy keeps at it almost daily. He's getting tired of this behavior & I just pray another position opens up somewhere (closer to home would be even better!).

The kids summer vacation has been going great so far. They've been playing outside a lot, having fun and today we even went to the new splash pad our community put in. They all had a blast & took some awesome naps too (hence the time for a quick update here!). :)

I had better go start some dinner for the troops, but hopefully will be writing more again soon! :)


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