Monday, March 23, 2009

So while Maddy's still napping & Sophie is watching "Bolt" (thank you Redbox for free movie Mondays!!), I get to try to update!

Lets start with Maddy. She's doing wonderfully (7 weeks; 1 week adjusted) and as of her appointment last week (on the 17th), she's up to 7lbs, 9oz and 20 inches long! What Sophie was at birth basically, so now I have a good starting point as far as clothing sizes go. lol. The doctor was very pleased with her weight gain, since she weighs what a newborn would typically weigh since she's past her due date now. I am tickled too. She eats typically 3-4oz throughout the day and nibbles at 2oz at night. She's on mainly breastmilk thanks to my good friend Lauretta donating some of her pumped stash to Maddy. And it must be supermilk, because she's doing super! haha. I'm getting maybe 4oz a day total now, but am going to keep pumping until at least Sunday and reassess then. I've stopped taking my drugs and herbs since they did squat, and am debating after Sunday (Maddy will be 2 months) to reduce pumping too. I reached my goal of getting her milk for 6 weeks, and will be reaching my goal to continue until 2 months and the rest of March, so I am very happy about that. I'm not sure if I'll keep going much longer or not. We'll see. Maddy also gives half-smile grins. I'm not expecting full smiles for a few weeks yet, but I get cute little grins and love it! I think she may have a bit of reflux, as she spits up a lot, but its sadly 1-very common for preemies and 2-very common for siblings of other reflux babies (like Sophie). She refuses to eat less more frequently though, and doesn't seem too bothered by it, so I'm doing the standard things right now like keeping her upright after feedings, lots of burping to get rid of gas bubbles and gripe water as needed.

Sophie is still my awesome helper. She loves Maddy so much, she doesnt let the poor girl alone sometimes! But she talks and understands so much and isnt shy. I thought it was a bit strange for a 2 1\2 year old to be so outgoing but she is definitely a hoot! I can officially declare her potty trained now, even though she's been going pee since September--that was just when she was bare-butt, but now we're fully trained! yay!


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