Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update attempt

So I keep attemping to write an update, but always get distracted, so here goes!

Maddy is soing well and gaining weight! At her checkup on the 17th, she was 7lbs, 9oz and 20 inches long (just about what Sophie was at birth), so she's the size of a typical newborn baby for now being 8 weeks (2 weeks adjusted). The doctor is very pleased with her progress and gave us the clear to go out into public (just avoiding sick people still, but that's a no-brainer!). Her hip ultrasound today looked good too. She's eating about 3oz each meal now and sometimes wants more. Though overnight, she usually only nibbles at 2oz, so hopefully she'll be big enough to not need to wake up to eat for a feeding or two at night. Mommy would be in heaven! Lol! She's also half breastmilk and half formula. My good friend Lauretta graceously donated some of her frozen pumped stash since breastmilk has all of those good antibodies and things all babies, but especially preemies need. But she is quite snuggly and I love it! I seriously adore having 2 little girls!!

We just got their pictures done in their Easter dresses (but they're not showing up online in my account yet? wtf?), but girlie girls indeed! LOVE it so much!!

Sophie is just awesome too. She's officially completely potty-trained, though she's been peeing in the potty since this summer, most of those times were when she was bare-butt. She keeps her pull-up dry at night too! I wish I could take credit, but my kid potty-trained herself and I promised she could have earrings when she was (just 1x I mentioned it) and now she keeps bringing it up! We will get it done when there are two ladies there so she can have both ears done at the same time and all. She's growing up SO fast!

Well, my fingers are tired (typing this all from my blackberry!) so I'm off to bed!


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