Thursday, June 18, 2009

4 month appointment

Maddy is growing! She was up to 12.2 lbs and 24" long. 25% all around (on the full-term baby chart) so she is doing wonderfully for being a preemie! Praise God! She was offically diagnosed with reflux (duh, like I said all along) and had a prescription for zantac. So far it's no good...she vomits everytime she has to take it. Then I have to change her outfit again, feed her again and hope she doesn't spit it all back up. She normally spits up and swallows it back down (silent reflux) and then cries after the fact. Poor dear. So I plan on calling the doctor next week if she still can't keep the zantac down to switch meds. She was supposed to go back in a month to check her weight and see how the meds were working. She isn't a big eater (maybe 20oz/day now) and it had me worried. The doctor said that we'll keep an eye on it and keep her on the preemie formula for the extra calories/vitamins/minerals and as long as she keeps steadily gaining weight, we'll just let her lead. No wonder she's still in 0-3 month clothes though! lol! The 3-6 months still swim on her (well, there is 1 outfit she can wear. lol!). She's just my tiny little baby still.

I also had a few concerns about her muscle strength. She HATES tummy time. Flails her arms, tear, screams, shoves her face down into the blanket, chokes. Ugg. But we keep trying to do it anyway and distract her with mirrors, toys, Sophie, etc. She just does not have too much strength in her upper body it appears. She holds her head up sorta when she is in a supported sitting position, and has strong legs though. The doctor said she would give us a referral to early innervention to have them either give us suggestions on things to try, or if she needs it, refer us to physical therapy to get those muscles working. I felt very reassured that the doctor was being so proactive with everything!! She is different than we usually see since he was out of the office when we had to reschedule our appointment, but I think I may stick with her. She really listened to me and talked to Sophie at the appointment and was in there talking for a good 30 minutes. I felt a little sad after the appointment because I felt like I should've been doing something more for her, but I realized that I am doin the best I can and we'll figure out what we need to do for her.

It is definitely a different experience being a Mommy to a preemie. I promise that I will never take anything for granted ever again with a baby. I am so happy she is healthy and growing. I will handle with anything God gives us and just take it a day at a time. And I will not feel guilty for anything not going "according to schedule". Maddy is just on her own schedule for everything. She could do things according to her birthday, her due date or after that and still be within the range of "average" that could be a good what...6 months of "average"? hehe. Things will all work out. And I'll be sure to post whatever happens with our EI appointment.

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  1. I will be praying for you guys as you figure out how to help Maddie continue on the right path to stay healthy. Having a child that seems "behind" is hard/tiring/draining...but the momments when they finally do get to the major milestones make it worth it.


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