Friday, June 19, 2009


So yesterday I took the girls (by myself) into the Picture People at Park City mall to get their pictures done. I planned on framing a good one and giving it to Brian for Father's Day. I got there, had to wait a while and then had the worst "photographer". She's a short, frizzy red-headed girl with a nose piercing (wasn't wearing a name badge). Avoid her at all costs!!!

When we were headed back, she asked if I had anything particular in mind. I said that I just wanted a few of the girls together, but that she could be creative with poses and I had no preferences. I guess she took that as only one pose and then kept asking me for suggestions. I had to put Sophie where she might look good in the pic and tell the "photographer" what to shoot. And she missed most of the good smiles and pics because she wasn't paying attention to my girls. She sat cross-legged on the floor the entire time and all of the photos you can tell that, because the girls chins are down and the shadows. Ugg. Both girls were so good and she missed her opportunity with them before they started getting bored and tired. There was only 1 picture I liked enough to get 1 made, but thankfully it was free because of my mailer coupon.

I have never been disappointed with them before-usually I have to persuade myself to NOT buy every picture. Not this time. And the stupid "photographer" never even uploaded our pics, so we were waiting to view them for 20 minutes until another employee helped us instead. I think I will be going to the York Galleria one instead from now on. Ugg. I sincerely hope she finds work outside of photography, because she's either just no good or is burned out (I remember seeing her there before, so she is definitely not new). So disappointing!!

Needless to say, Brian's not getting that present afterall. Thankfully I had a plan B that I bought a while ago (saving for bday) and can give it to him Sunday instead. Plus, he will be able to use it sooner too (hopefully!).


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