Sunday, June 28, 2009

Step-dad update!

So my mom filled my stepsister in on how Karl treats me & my family during their trip down to PA this week. So when he started in on her and how he knows what's best for her always, she finally laid into him. They talked for well over an hour and by the end Karl was starting to realize what he was doing to us. She also made it more real for him by using examples of how wonderfully my Mom treats her step-children and then how things would be different if mom acted like Karl does toward us. After the talk, he told mom he wanted to help us move as much as he could (and he lent us a 15 passenger van!) and wanted to take my little family out to dinner. He was nice and only ignored us about half of the time (HUGE improvement) and I kept telling Sophie that was Grandpa and she sorta started coming around to him by the end.

Yay for progress!! I keep saying I give up on him and I'm done, but that is not the Godly way. I keep praying this little change in him is permanent, but I'm not holding my breath. Were pretty sure were going to go up still in 2 weeks despite the move. We need to just get away and I want to help this relationship while its still fragile.

So I pray things are on the way back up again! It would feel amazing to have an actual relationship with my step-father finally!!


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