Saturday, July 11, 2009

Getting settled

So we've been here for 1 1/2 weeks now and so far, so good. Maddy's in an awesome schedule (all her doing--what a great baby!!!) and Sophie's still a turd. hehe. She's up late and up early......*sigh* someday this kid will sleep like a normal person, but at this rate, it will happen once she's a teenager!

Maddy started eating rice cereal on Monday evening and has done wonderfully!! She totally is a pro with the spoon and ate 1 1/2 oz today at dinner and I even mixed it up a little thicker! I just waited for signs from her to tell me when she was ready for food, and sure enough...she loves it! Oh no, I didn't ask the doctor first. LOL! I think the food is helping her reflux a bit too, as she isn't spitting as much this past week (though not completely healed yet). She still HATES tummy time and burrows her head into the blanket when we do it a few times a day, but I'm hoping that once her tummy doesn't hurt so much that she'll feel better about doing it. She does roll from her back to her side **especially while naked! She is a hoot when the diaper is off. haha!** I think she's close to where she should be developmentally--yay for my probably close to 13 lb preemie! :o) She's still my snuggle bug though and I love it! Sophie loves it too! She snuggles Maddy & gets Maddy to touch her hair which results in insane laughter from both girls. haha.

Sophie was a bit homesick for a few days...and still asks me sometimes to "go home", but I think she's starting to get it now that we're going to be here for a while. I told her that our house was broken (SOOO true. it was NASTY!) and we're here until we get a new one. She responded with "I want a pink or green one". We'll see what we can do. haha!

We didn't get to go to NY this weekend (boo!), but are hoping to plan a trip in August sometime. Maybe in time for my bday. Who knows. We definitely need to just get away from everything for a while & get a break. Oh do we ever! I am hoping everything still works out well to go down to the beach during Labor Day weekend. I am SO looking forward to it!!

We were trying to get stuff in the storage unit today and DUH! forgot the stinking key when we were almost there, so looks like we're going on another trip to Lancaster this week sometime. It bummed me out that we were the whole way out there (and did get to visit w/Dad & Judy for a bit), but didn't accomplish our main goal. Hopefully this week will go much better and we'll get a lot done that we already feel behind with. I am all unpacked here and have the girls room set up. I didn't know how they'd do together, but for the most part, my 5 month old and my almost 3 year old are wonderfully roommates! Except when Sophie sneaks over to Maddy's crib in the early morning and screams, "MOMMY!! MADDDY'S AWAKE!!!" to her poor sleeping sister. Oh well.

I ought to hit the hay. Up around 6 tomorrow to feed Maddy and ***weather and body permitting*** going for a short run. Hope I can do it!!


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