Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just beachy

We arrived at Ocean City, Maryland yesterday afternoon and its been heavenly. A pleasant drive down w/only 1 stop for nearly 4 hour drive! We did fantastic! Sophie loved the bay bridge too.

We got settled last night, had dinner & strolled the boardwalk as a family. So nice. Paula, Jeff & Austin got here close to 10pm, so we had a late night last night catching up and having a few drinks. I had 2 and was gone. Lol. Love being a lightweight!!!

Poor Maddy was up a few times last night. I think she's either got an earache or teething. She's pulling her ear (sign of both) and generally very cranky unless its just me that's holding her. She screams (and I do mean scream) if anyone except me is holding her, so just feel for her. She seemed to be feeling better tonight when she went to bed at 8 like usual, but still not herself.

Today we got up early & the kids played all morning in the sandbox in front of the condo (we're ON the boardwalk....a few feet from the beach!) and then went to the beach all afternoon. I played with Sophie (almost 3) and Austin (6) for 3 hours straight. My back is burned, but so worth it. It was the most fun I've had at the ocean since I was a kid! I just played w/out reservations of what I looked like or what some stranger might think of my dorkiness. We body surfed with waves, sat and looked for shells, dug holes, and just had so much fun!! <3

Today was Paula & Jeff's 17th wedding anniversary, so I made them a cake & we had chocolate covered strawberries. Yum! And we spent the evening sipping mojitos and rum & cokes out on the porch, listening to the waves crash on the beach. Just so peaceful & perfect.

So yes. Enjoying our vacay!

here's a quick pic of Maddy sleeping in my wrap on the boardwalk:


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