Monday, September 7, 2009

Dutch Wonderland 2009

I forgot to write a little about our DW trip on Thursday to early celebrate Sophie's birthday early. We decided to go mid-week and after most schools are in so we could avoid the crowd (which we totally did!). Since my cousins have/are/will be working at Dutch Wonderland, we were given 2 free tickets (the girls were free since they're under 3 still). We got there around 1:30 and stayed until about 6:30. Sophie had a BLAST!!!

She rode the carousel 5x, the plane 2x, the fun slide a bazillion times, monarail, all of the boats, the bumble bee ride, sky ride, log ride...basically any ride that she was big enough to ride (alone or with an adult), she rode. And boy did she sleep good that night! LOL! Maddy slept in my wrap most of the afternoon and was so pleasant. Well, except for when she dropped her pacifier under the observation bridge for the log ride and we had to get a "security" guy to get it for her, but it did land right side up. It was our only one along for the day and I am not ready to wean her from that yet. Lol!

We all had a really good time!! A few pics from my phone:

Sophie & Duke the Dragon! She about peed herself getting to meet him! She LOVES Duke! Lol!


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