Thursday, October 8, 2009

forward motion

So I got some exciting things coming up this month that I'm greatly looking forward to! yay for hopefully bringing me outta my funk and moving forward to better things!

I spent the day baking 7 cakes, making 15+ cups of homemade buttercream icing, stacked the cakes & iced them into 3 tiers and made room for them in the freezers so they'll stay fresh until this weekend, when I decorate & assemble them! I'm making my first ever wedding cake (for my BIL's parents' 50th Anniversary party on Sunday) and I'm SO excited! I'm making a practice cake tomorrow which my FIL is very excited to be the official taste tester. lol. So here's hoping I don't screw it up too much!

Next Saturday, I'm going to a "going away party" for my little brother since he's moving to Philly. I'm so excited to be kid-free for a whole night & be able to get drunk w/out a care in the world! lol! I NEED an adult night out and no kiddos. I NEED to feel like I'm alive again and I know I will after that night. Bobbie-Jo will make sure of it. haha. love that girl! My brother Adam picked out the best girlfriend ever. :o)

The girls have their 9 month & 3 year checkups on the 29th, and I'm excited to see how much they've both grown, but not excited for the shots.

Then on the 30th we're going to meet up with my Mom & spend a whole week up in New York with her! We'll do Halloween trick or treat with her (her dry cleaner and friend, MJ is SO excited to see the girls & their costumes!) and stay for at least a week. We haven't been up there in 3 years, since Sophie was only 7 weeks old...just after Halloween too! Wow how times have changed! But I am SO ready to get out of here for a bit & get away. And into cell-reception again! lol! I won't feel as backwoods (ironically, since they also live on top of a mountain in the woods!).

I'm sad that we'll probably have to miss our friends Halloween party! I have a GREAT costume idea too for me & the girls have their costumes already. Don't want someone to steal it in the off chance I actually find a around halloween time party to go to, but it's a good one. lol!

I'm exhausted, but can't sleep. That's how this thing works it seems. I am TOO tired to sleep, but so dead tired that my whole body hurts. I probably need more sleep, but the girls haven't been sleeping well at all lately, which throws a wrench into that plan. Maddy was up to 10 tonight (normally goes to bed between 7:30-8:30) & just didn't want to sleep before then. The past week she's been getting up a few times throughout the night, so it looks like I'm going to have to sleep train again. She just wants to play, not hungry or anything because she smiles and coos and acts all cuddily. Which I love, except not at 4am when you share a room with your sister. And Sophie's afraid of everything lately. She told us she's scared of the big red monster in her room & is TERRIFIED to go in there alone in the dark, despite the nightlights. We tried everything and still end up with a 3 year old in our bed. I love her imagination, but jeesh! And now Maddy wants to cuddle too? We'll need a bigger bed. hehe. Here's hoping they soon relearn that sleeping is awesome. We were SO good there for a while too. Poo!

So yeah, that's the latest update from here. Now to try to read in hopes it makes me sleepy. night.


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