Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yo Gabba Gabba Giveaway?!! Sign me up!

I SO want to win the NEW YoGabbaGabba CD from Monkey Toes Reviews & Giveaways or Life in a House of Blue!

Sophie loves this show like crazy. I remember when I babysat Zachary, he loved it and she was indifferent (at 18 months old), so this spring sometime I DVR'd it again and she FREAKS OUT for it! Toddler crack! Yes, we got weird looks from family when we gave her a book for her birthday because the characters look odd, but kids connect with it! And a "certain somebody" just may be getting some YoGabbaGabba things from Santa Claus. hehe. Ok. So please, no one else enter so I can win. lol! j/k! Check out Jess's website & great giveaways!!!!!


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