Monday, November 16, 2009

Sleeping? Someday...

I don't get how the girls' sleep schedule got so badly out of wack in 2 nights, but it did. Ugh. Maddy slept 3.5 hours rather than the 1 hour for her late afternoon/evening nap & went to bed SUPER late. She slept horribly last night thanks to teething, so I hated to wake her from decent sleep. Sophie took a nap today& just went to bed at midnight. This has got to stop!! I wish I could CIO a little, but with the girls sharing a small room & 2 family members in bed asleep by 9pm nightly (are up at like 4am, so I hate to disturb them!), I'm running out of ideas. I know Sophie just can't nap anymore, but what do you do on days like today when they play so hard, that you find them at 5pm in the playroom @ the table asleep, mid-lego building? Sophie's always so dang grumpy from any nap too it makes the whole house seem upset. Ugh! Sleep issues royally stress me out!

Please share any/all sleep suggestions! I would die to have kids in bed asleep by 8:30. I would be a much happier mama!!! Sleep would be lovely.


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