Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ugg. Pampers makes me sick!!!

This post about an article Pampers wrote to sway people from using cloth diapers to disgusting, gross disposables makes me so angry! The claim:

"Did you know that one of the causes of colds in babies is the wetness that cloth diapers cannot absorb? With Pampers disposable diapers, your baby can stay dry all night and is less likely to get a cold than he would with cloth diapers.

That’s because Pampers diapers absorb and lock away 100 times more wetness than cloth diapers do.

Keeping skin in its perfect, natural state."

Really? With all of those chemicals (which are linked to reproductive cancer! No way am I going to promote the chance of my children getting cancer if I can help it!), it's certainly in it's "perfect, natural state" isn't it? Yeah, or not. They don't mention how NATURAL materials in modern cloth diapers help wick wetness away with out gross chemical toxins on baby's tender skin (ie: fleece, wool, suedecloth, etc).

Maddy usually wears FuzziBunz (fleece lined pocket cloth diapers) to bed each night with 2 Thirsties hemp inserts and she wakes up dry to the touch. Her inserts are SOAKED as she's quite a heavy wetter after her 12+ hour sleeps at night, but she's dry thanks to the fleece wicking all of the wetness into the diaper where it belongs, without harming her like a disposable diaper would.

And how about the fact that babies catch colds from GERMS! Not from being wet. Look it up folks!

Pampers disgusts me!!!!!! I already regret not knowing enough about cloth when Sophie was little that I had to use Pampers on her, but now this is just further hammering the point across that we need to spread the word that cloth truly is better instead of letting Pampers spread their hate for the cloth diapering community! We must be making them nervous at least for them to make these ridiculous statements!

Yes, I am biased. I believe every parent out there should be able to try cloth, see just how easy it really is and protect their babies as much as they can from the underlying effects of disposables. I think every parent should WANT to keep those nasty disposables out of landfills to make their children's children's children's children's world a better place. They should realize how much money they literally THROW AWAY each time they change those gross diapers and how much they will save (check out this link) and can be used again for many more children (or sold at a great resale value if you're done having kids). And every parent should to their best to PROTECT their children from anything harming them...including toxic chemicals found in their home, food and on their precious bottoms. We're doing our best to be as green as possible for our daughters' sake. I cannot wait until we can live in our own place again and re-initiate our even greener life than we currently have to live here.

Oh yes, and the fact that modern cloth diapers are ADORABLE & come in many different colors/fabrics/designs and that fluffy bottoms are 10000000000x cuter than a strangely flat disposable butt.

So according to another article Pampers wrote, babies in nasty disposables have "improved learning and social interaction". Riiiiiiight. Maddy was 7 weeks premature & has caught up completely to babies her age and has been in cloth the majority of her life and has only ever had a very mild cold from when I was very sick and still able to nurse. She even says mama (which Sophie really never said!), is a social butterfly with people and is so smart she figures out 9 months old! Guess that cloth is really hindering her, isn’t it? She’s not even CLOSE to as cranky her sister was (who regrettably was in Pampers until she potty learned at 2) and doesn’t have the same never ending diaper rash & stressed-out parents wondering how they were going to afford the next pack of diapers. I cannot believe they write this jargon. GRRR!!! Oh and she got yeast infections galore from those pampers diapers while in the NICU too, but not a one from cloth. Ever.

If you want to join me in disgust with Pampers' new marketing scheme, feel free to contact them directly:

By Phone:

(1-800-PAMPERS (726-7377)

By Written mail:

Attn: Pampers
The Procter & Gamble Company
PO Box 599
Cincinnati OH 45202


And email:

Pampers Customer Service Form

As one of Kim's commenter's said, "“Einstein wore cloth!”"


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