Sunday, December 13, 2009

Colds, colds, colds!

As we approach winter, we are starting with our first real colds. Poor Sophie was up all night trying to get comfortable & complained that she couldn't breathe (or "honk") out of her nose. And when she wasn't up, Maddy was..just wanting to be snuggled because her 3 teeth are causing her such pain. It was a really busy day around here keeping up with everyone, to say the least! I just hope we're all feeling better by Thursday! We're having our cookie-baking day, and then we're spending the night at my dad & Judy's so we can tag along to Longwood Gardens with them. I cannot wait to tell Sophie (trying to not get her excited for it until we're there in case suprise weather happens). She's been talking a lot about pulling weeds out of the children's garden there. lol! She's a nut! The Christmas busy-ness is starting and I hope we make it through everything in one piece! The presents are all bought & most are wrapped. I need to make my cookie batter for Thursday and make my Christmas cards! We're doing special handmade ones that I'm really excited about, I just need to find the right paper for to get making them! Well, I was hoping to write more, but I hear a little one stirring. Such is life! hehe.

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  1. a daughter who WANTS to weed? you are one lucky mama. put her to work in your garden this summer!

    i would be honored to receive one of your handmade cards. that sounds so fun. what are you thinking of making them out of?


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