Friday, January 1, 2010

Baby News & Christmas

So the big news to announce on the blog (that I've officially announced everywhere else I believe?) is that we're expecting baby #3 due July 30th! Total surprise, but he/she is a blessing & we're excited to add to our family! Today I'm 10 weeks along...1/4 of the way there! My goal is 3/4 or longer, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep the newbie & me healthy for as long as we can. I have a regular checkup on Tuesday at my OB & will have an appointment with a kidney specialist on January 15th to hopefully be proactive & keep my kidney's working correctly for as long as possible. They had me do a 24 hour urine test already (over a few days when I had a bad cold & slight fever--did that effect the results? I don't know.), but my kidney's are apparently starting to spill protein again. I'm not gonna lie, I'm scared about probably having another preemie and complications again like last time. We were planning to TTC NEXT year around this time, but babies are always blessings. And I have total faith in God to bring us through everything. I'm not as worried as I have been lately because of how much I've been praying for peace & calm to keep my blood pressure normal (it was fine last appointment).

Christmas went mostly well and very tiring to say the least. Christmas Eve we went to my dad's family's celebration as I have for the last 26 years of my life & it was great. Brian made me a tshirt that said "jingle belly, jingle belly, baby on the way" & the ultrasound picture which shocked everyone. It was such a fun way to tell them! I always love the Dippner Christmas Eve event & this year was no different. The girls loved playing with my cousin's adorable 15 month old too. Ethan is such a cutie & a flirt--just like his daddy!! :o) We spent the night at my dad's house and the girls slept wonderfully all night with me in a single bed (halfway point in our travels).

Christmas day we had a lovely morning/afternoon @ my dad & step-mom's and a great dinner. The girls were so good & Maddy took a 3.5 hour nap because of how much she played. It was great seeing my dad & Judy too, since it was over 2 months since we last saw them! It was just intimate & relaxing--how Christmas should be. I was bummed a bit because we missed my brothers' arrivals by minutes, but we could only stay so long. Christmas evening sucked a bit though. We drove 1.5 hours back to dh's parents house for their dinner/presents & by the time we got there, they already ate & opened gifts (including ones we had for them--RUDE) and my SIL, BIL & nephew already went home. We had a present and card from "baby #3" as our way to tell them, so they ruined the surprise & fun by opening them w/out us. When we got there FIL gave us hugs & congrats & was so excited to have another grandbaby on the way! MIL waited a few hours to acknowledge the pregnancy and when she did, she said "so I guess I have to congratulate you now?" to Brian, in a sarcastic tone. I almost cried I was so upset. Totally made Christmas night turn into crap. But at least Sophie liked her gifts from us best--including her gallon jar of dill pickles. That girl cracks me up!!

Saturday we went to my brothers' townhouse an hour away for Christmas w/my mom. This was the best! Bobbie-Jo again proved how amazing she is! She's a professional chef & made a "simple" Christmas dinner for all of us (delish!!) & was such an amazing host all night! Sophie tore into her gifts & finally got her beloved Strawberry shortcake doll! Haha. It was so nice to hang out with everyone and have fun being together. I really miss my family--they feel like hom! We gave the girls baths at their house and used Bobbie-Jo's Mr. Bubble. Sophie said it was her "dream came true". hahaha! Sophie treats her like a celebrity & follows her around. I cannot wait for my brother to propose & marry her to make it official!! We spent that night @ my dad's again since our 4th & final Christmas was Sunday & another hour away.

Our last Christmas party was with my mom's family; probably 60 or so people there & delish food. I got to see some cousins I haven't seen in years (there are 22 cousins & one on the way--oldest being 40). And met a new cousin this year too (my doing! I know her sister from high school & we're friends on myspace, so I sent her a message asking if her sister was my cousin. I then was able to get in touch w/my cousin and she was so excited to hear about our family & finally meet her dad--my uncle. She's 15 and adorable! Everyone loved her & she was so excited to have contact with all of us finally. It was just so special!) Sophie played with my younger cousins & 2nd cousins all day long & cried when we left. Made me miss everyone more, but so glad that we got almost everyone together this year. Family is so important to me.

So 4 days of Christmas later--we were all exhausted, but had a great time. :o)

Needless to say, life has been very busy around here lately! I thought I was starting to get over the fatigue, but these last few days have been so lazy because of how tired I am all of the time. Hopefully I'll get the energy back again soon to keep up with the girls & everything I've been slacking on. I'm also hoping the mouthfull of teeth that Maddy is working on soon come through. One of her top teeth is fully through, the other is about 99.99% though as is the tooth next to it and the one directly below. And the left side of her mouth is swollen & bumpy. Poor babe is working on them all at once. No need Maddy! Take your time & sleep at night again instead! hehe. On that note, must go start dinner. We're all starved. hehe.


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