Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boy, Oh, Boy!! :o)

I'm still shocked we're going to be blessed with a baby boy! He showed us the "goodies" like I prayed Newbie would and I couldn't be happier. I was praying so hard that if this baby wasn’t a boy, that God would take that desire to have a boy out of my heart, but instead of that, he gave us one! I’m still finding it hard to completely realize though. I guess I always thought I’d just end up with a gaggle of girls since I’m used to them. Hehe. Pleasant surprise that’s for sure! So far we have no name and are not close at all to finding one yet. Brian doesn’t like my suggestions and vice versa. Good thing we still have some time though. Brian’s overjoyed to say the least. When the tech said it was boy, Brian said, “YEAH!! I KNEW IT!!!” & she cracked up laughing. We’ll have to go in for another ultrasound in 2 weeks since Newbie is currently breech & we didn’t get good pictures of the spine/heart, but I’m glad they will do another ultrasound until they get all of the pictures they need & we get to see Newbie again. We took Bobbie-Jo along & she got to trade places w/Brian towards the end. She was overjoyed at getting to see an ultrasound. She kept thanking us the rest of the day for letting her come along. Such a sweetie!

After my ultrasound was over, we went to a consignment shop that I had a $50 gift certificate for (bought it for $12.50) and let Brian pick out 2 boy outfits, got some maternity things, some clothes for the girls & shoes for Maddy. We made out really well; I’m hoping we can find another deal like that! Brian was so cute though, because he kept bringing me more and more boy outfits to show. He’s proud of his girls, but there’s something special about a boy & his father. I knew he was already more engaged in this pregnancy from the beginning, but he’s even more into it now. Love it!!!

We got back here after dinner & to some very anxious to see us girls! :o) Sophie giggled when we showed her the pictures of her brother & when she asked what the arrow showed, we said “his wiener” and she lost it. She laughs so hard whenever she sees that picture now & tells everyone that her baby brother in mommy’s belly has a wiener. That’s my girl!

Now here's where YOU come in. Since we're at a stand-still in the name game, we'd love to hear your suggestions. We like somewhat traditional (ie: most people can spell/pronounce the name & it's likely on a novelty toothbrush somewhere) names as well as Biblical names or very special meanings. We toyed with the idea of naming Newbie after a male in our family, but I'm not sold on it, so we're open to suggestions! Leave your ideas in comments below & if we pick one of them, we'll think of a special prize to give you! Thanks!

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  1. Congrats to the little baby boy!! We still want a boy!

    MIddle name Douglas. I'm partieal thats my hubby's name.


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