Monday, May 31, 2010

Yay, I won an award ;o)

Jessi from Welcome to the Zoo gave me this award. Thank you! She's an awesome mama of 4 under 4 (2 of them being her sweet nieces) & is a good friend I've known since we were pregnant together 4 years ago! Holy cow does time fly or what!?!

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!

4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

So here goes:

1. I desperately want to learn how to knit or crochet well--or at least get the time to! I'm addicted to wool cloth diaper covers & have tons of wool yarn to use up! I have a bunch of old wool sweaters I could recycle for wool soakers/longies/shorties, but I'm no seamstress either. Oh to dream!

2. I would LOVE to have chickens someday. I want to live in an area that's big enough to have a huge garden too. Brian & I would love nothing more than to have a big farmhouse in the country someday. I could care less if I ever use my BSW (Bachelor's of Social Work), as long as I can keep raising our family as naturally as possible & continue to stay at home to do so.

3. I have 30 1st cousins not including spouses (and the 31st is due to arrive this August) ranging in age from 41-newborn. Doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon either! It's so neat having MY kids play with my COUSINS!

4. My grandma was raised Old Order Amish & I'm related to LOTS of people I went to school with because of it. I actually dated someone I later found out was like my 5th cousin because of a common Amish ancestor. Good thing I met Brian who's German or Swiss or Amish in his blood line anywhere! (interesting story in itself: I met him because of my a mutual friend on myspace who, it turns out, he actually did not even know--but added her because she randomly requested him).

5. I am counting down the weeks until my mom's done with chemo & gets to come down from NY for a visit for an entire week!! Less than 5 weeks now! I really hope she's well enough to come down again once Newbie arrives (btw-she & Brian are the only other people who know his real name so far! I figured she was entitled to it after all she's been through!) & pray I can have my vbac & have her there. But that's asking a whole heck of a lot! ;o) Just glad she's getting rid of this cancer!!

6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake. Especially cakes (though I don't really like eating cake ironically) & decorating them. I just hate the cleanup. Dishes are the bane of my existence & I told my hubby before we were married I'd much rather have a dishwasher than a decent engagement ring. Luckily, the man came through with both! <3

7. I'm a music nerd--I love preforming/singing it, listening for unique chords or figuring out what intervals are in some song that make it so great. I was in 3 instrumental groups playing the clarinet & bass clarinet (yes, I went to band camp while in marching band), sang with 3 different choirs in high school (1 group-our Chamber Singers always placed within the top 5 high school groups in the country) & 2 different choirs in college. I'm a Soprano 2 & loved it. I got to travel to Spain with the Madrigal Singers my senior year of college & that was the last time I got to really sing. I minored in music & even joined the National Co-Ed Fraternity, Pi Nu Epsilon, because it was a music fraternity. I would LOVE to find a semi-professional choir to sing in again because I miss singing challenging songs with other people who are as passionate about singing as I am. Just haven't found that group (or the time to do so) yet.

Now I get to present you all with this award too:


  1. Thanks so much! I appreciate it! :-D I don't know if I'll have time to post it because I'm still behind on posting my next giveaway, but it doesn't mean I'm not grateful! :-D

  2. Aweee Thank You Girlie! :)

  3. Thanks, lady! :) I'm working on my acceptance speech right now. :D

  4. i just got this award from amanda, who jess gave it to as well, and posted it today. i love random posts. and i am totally intrigued your grandmother is/was amish. the amish intrigue me all together, but it's fun to 'know' someone who is related. yes i'm lame. i know.

  5. Amanda-I still have a lot of Amish relatives too & am proud to have 1/4 Amish blood in me. hehe. My grandma was actually shunned because she married by grandfather (who was Mennonite). You're not lame at all! :o)


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