Tuesday, June 1, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday---FLUFF!

My current stash of medium & one-size cloth diapers! I <3 the fluff! It's SOOOO addicting!

Getting pretty colorful!!!

assorted covers, GMD prefolds,
fitteds (nifty nappy, mother ease, thirsties fab fitted, bagshot row bamboo), & assorted pocket and All In One diapers

cloth liners, cloth wipes I made & won from Otter Babies snappis, Rockin Green pail refresher, wee essentials wipes solution cubes, wool wash bar, and my FAVORITE diapers--Nifty Nappy fitteds!

hybrid diapers (g-diapers & flip), Gro-Via disposable liners & assorted doublers I made as well as flip organic & stay dry inserts.

wetbags, pail liners & bum genius pocket diapers

Maddy showing off her fluffy butt! (Bum Genius AIO size medium)

I will need to take pictures of my nb, small & large stashes as well, but hope this will tide you all over for now! <3 the fluff!!


  1. Wow! I thought I Had a lot! My goodness, that's a collection!!! :-D

  2. lol! To be fair, most were purchased used (or cottonbabies seconds of bum genius 3.0s that needed new velcro etc), obtained from freecycle or won. hehe. But I am quite proud of the stash! And certainly have things ready for 2 in cloth!

  3. LOVE IT!! i have a ton of diapers as well. and it makes for a great post. i have not tried nifty nappy diapers yet, but ordered some through a co-op...and paitently waiting to get them. it's fun to see other people's collections!! you never would've thought you'd have a 'collection' of diapers i bet. lol.


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