Monday, June 14, 2010

New update!!

Major update since yesterday!

Brian called the company's bluff, and today they called him begging! I was proud of him for not relenting on Friday. It's amazing how that position suddenly was available again after he refused the low ball offer. He's gonna be cautious, considering how shady they've been though. He will be working Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights 8pm-8am, & will have a few floating hours to make up, but it's decent-ish money & a full-time job!!! He starts on Monday & has 2 weeks of training from 11am-8pm, so I'd better get used to doing all of the nighttime routines by myself! But we're excited for work again!

And my OB appointment went well today. My blood pressure was lower today than last week, so that's great. As long as my protein stays low still, things are looking good! Newbie was very good during his NST & kicked up a storm. Way to go little man! It's kinda funny how the ladies in the OB office know me & the ladies in the hospital lab know me too from how often I'm there. I'll gladly go to as many appointments as needed to keep an eye on everything & do whatever tests are required. I'm a little anxious again about the newest 24-hour urine results, but I think that just is because I was traumatized w/the results when I had to have Maddy early. I dread any phone call from them in case it's bad news. But luckily, there haven't been phone calls yet! yay!

Ok, onward to take some tums, pee again & turn in for the night. Newbie better have some hair when he's born from this heartburn every night. lol!


  1. Great news!!! And sorry about your heartburn. Did you have it with your girls, too? I had it bad with both of my pregnancies...both boys...who did end up arriving with pretty full heads of dark hair! :)

  2. I had it horribly with both girls. And they both came out with heads full of hair. Even though Maddy's hair wasn't at long as Sophie's to begin with. So Newbie better have some hair on his head! lol!


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