Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ups & Downs

It's been a whirlwind of a week last week. Full of good & bad.

*My pregnancy is going well! I'm almost past the point where I was when Maddy was born. I reach 34 weeks this Friday, I will have made it further than my last pregnancy. I will do something to celebrate it too! :o)

*My blood pressures have been behaving & my last 24-hour urine came back better than any of my prior ones this pregnancy. Yay!! Now I'm praying the one I just did will come back with good numbers too. The lower the protein, the better!

*I WON the Hygeia breast pump!! An answer to prayer for sure!!

*Maddy has started babbling a lot more in the past week. She now added "dada" and "ha-yee" (for Holly--my dad's dog. lol!). I've been having Sophie talk more to her too-when we're reading, pointing out what objects are for example. I swear since she idolizes her big sister, it's working! hehe.

*Maddy has been so consistent with the potty, it's unreal! Even if she has a diaper on, she'll go sit on the little potty to pee/poo in it. LOL! I'm so proud of her getting the connection! She still can't pull down her own pants do to it all on her own, but lots of naked time is helping & she definitely gets pissed when I go to put a diaper on her. lol! I guess she's making sure they stay in good shape for when Newbie gets to use them!

*Sophie has been expanding her palate lately & trying out some veggies she previously didn't like. I hope this trend continues! She's our picky eater.

*My mom only has 1 more chemo treatment next week & then gets a break!! She'll meet with the radiation doctor next to set up a treatment plan for the rest of the summer, but she said she definitely wants to come visit once she knows when the radiation will start. I cannot wait to hug her. I miss her SO much & talking on the phone is just not the same as getting to see her. Sophie's gonna pee herself with excitement too. She will chat forever with Grandma on the phone & "plays" with Grandma (she'll make one of her Barbie dolls be Grandma when she's playing--so cute!). I really hope Maddy doesn't take long to warm up to her--but it has been since January, so we're gonna take it easy.

*I don't have to worry about how I'm gonna find help for my doctor visits or how I'm gonna take care of a newborn & the girls in the early weeks. Brian's job fell through. Or rather--they offered him a position that didn't exist, then they offered him a different job (in customer service...not IT/desktop support like he does & interviewed for), for $6 less/hour on weekends & a floating day during the week & being on call. Um, what?! So he called them on their offer & they kept backpedaling further. They've been stringing him along for the past 2 weeks now with lots of gas wasting, so needless to say we're back on the job hunt.

*We have less than $100 in our bank accounts/wallets/change. Please pray that our tax refund will come through (we had to file special paperwork to have part of it refunded since they took it for my student loans that are not paid off yet). We're trying to sell things on craigslist & he's applied everywhere for even part-time work to get money coming in. Sucks that he's "overqualified", but don't they understand that we don't care? Money is money at this point!

*My brother & his girlfriend broke up. They were very mature about how they handled everything, but it still sucks big time. I'm hoping this won't affect Sophie too much--we're trying to not say her name as to not get her excited or anything. We use her initials when her name might come up, but I'm not sure how our friendship's gonna play out. I don't like talking on the phone period. Only to my mom really. She loves phone talking & does't have consistent internet (which I use a lot of!). She lives hours away now too, so I guess we'll see how things go. Just not too hopeful.

*No best friend living around here anymore means no baby shower anymore either. I know, dumb thing to think. But I was really looking forward to having an afternoon of talking baby with people who love us. I don't even need gifts; this baby boy is pretty much set for the first few months of his life thanks to things I won, can reuse from the girls or things I was freecycled. I was just so excited to have another shower & get to make my own cake. No one else will throw me one--mom would, if she wasn't in NY battling breast cancer.

So aside from finances, things feel ok in our lives. I am working hard to give it all to God & have faith that He will provide for us. It's SO hard, but I know there's nothing else we can do & it's literally in God's hands now.


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