Friday, June 18, 2010

So I did it! 34 weeks baby!

I cannot believe it. I'm 34 weeks pregnant. I am officially further along today than I ever got with Maddy. God is SOOOOOO good! I feel so much better than I remember feeling with Maddy too--by the time she was cut out of my body, I was insanely swollen, could barely walk let alone try to sit because there was so much fluid in my knees & legs (well, really all over!), I was achy & felt drained by even breathing. I was terrified of what our outcome would be & it felt so surreal to still not feel very pregnant & already be delivering a baby.

I have felt so blessed throughout this entire pregnancy. Blessed that God has provided us with doctors to very closely monitor what is going on, the ability to carry this baby without any major issues so far, having a baby BOY (!!!!) & for things to work out that we can afford this sweet child despite our financial issues. God has had his hand in every part of this pregnancy & this baby boy was definitely part of his miraculous plan.

My next goal is to make to 36 weeks--into July. I am still praying hard for God to allow me to go late & allow this little man to cook in there long enough that he will come out healthy & able to go home when I do.

I'm also trying hard to not get upset if he does not flip fully head down or if I end up needing another c-section. I have my heart set on a VBAC, but I am praying hard to not be disappointed with myself if I don't get to try it due to health reasons. I've researched the heck out of it & plan on asking my Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor at my 36 week appointment why he wouldn't "allow" me to go past 39 weeks pregnant (if my body doesn't go into labor on its own by that point) if things remain going well. I understand that a c-section performed on a uterus that hasn't reached "full term" can have different scarring, but I've also not found any specific medical research stating the risks go up after 39 weeks.

So please keep praying that my blood pressures stay down, my protein levels stay down, no severe swelling and NO pre-eclampisa again! If you could also pray that Newbie flips into the head down position & that labor spontaneously occurs, I would also appreciate it. God is in control & I trust Him to keep us both safe & healthy.

Wow though. 34 weeks. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!

(pardon the mess in the background! Haven't cleaned up yet! ;o) hehe!)


  1. Good for you and baby! I'm so happy for you to be doing so well.

    Definitely go to your doc armed with information. I had a c-section with my 1st babe and was going for a vbac with my 2nd. My midwife (who worked closely with an ob/gyn) was going to allow me to go to 41 1/2 weeks before they would "require" me too have another c-section. I have found no medical reason why (even with your history) you should not be allowed to at least go to term, which is 40 weeks! I ended up going into labor on my own at 40 weeks and 4 days. I labored about 20 hours and baby was still floating way high and not coming down in my pelvis, so I had a 2nd c-section.

    Like you, through my pregnancy I was so focused on the vbac that I worried if I had another c-section I'd be devastated, mad, depressed or something else. I can tell you that for me at least, it didn't work out like that. I ended up feeling like I did all I could and that it just wasn't meant to be. And of course having a healthy mama and baby is definitely the most important thing.

    I wish you luck with the vbac, though! I'll be thinking about it and hoping you get to have it! I do honestly wish I could have. :) You'll be fine! You'll do great!

  2. I meant to give you the website my midwife recommended to me for statistical information about vbacs. Don't know if you've seen it before or not, but there was a lot of good information here and finding out the actual risk percentages for commonly quoted vbac "concerns" made me feel so much more at ease! For example, the risk of uterine rupture for a vbac delivery is not really that much higher than for a non-vbac delivery. Gems like that. :) Anyway, it's There is a tab down the left side of the page for "vbac or repeat c-section." Hugs to you!

  3. Thank you for all of the info & I'll be sure to check out that website! I really want to at least TRY a VBAC. Or even just experience going into labor on my own, so I'm definitely going to push for my doctors to "let" me go to term, even if it means 2 NSTs a week! I'm prepared to barter for it. lol! :o)


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