Monday, June 21, 2010

What a day!

So I had my NST/midwife appointment today...typically takes an hour or less. Well, today it took about 3 hours. I got in for my NST & Newbie would NOT move around. I think he moved maybe 4 or 5 times in the 30 minutes I was being monitored despite 2 juice boxes & crackers. So we "failed" & I was told to wait in the waiting room for an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok & he was moving alright. Well, in the 30 or so minutes I waited in the waiting room again, Newbie was dancing around & making things quite uncomfy for me. hehe. stinker! Then once we get back to the u/s room, he promptly fell asleep again. I joked that he's used to the noise from his sisters, so he sleeps when he gets some peace & quiet. After a good 30 minutes of extreme poking & prodding, he finally moved around. Probably pissed for waking him up, but everything looked great. He was practicing his breathing, holding onto his foot & wiggling his toes & best of all--he's finally head down!! I totally felt him move into head down position too from transverse at the end of last week. Now that was amazing! Oh, and Newbie's got a head full of hair in there! Guess I'm officially 3 for 3 with heartburn during pregnancy & hairy babies! :o)

After my ultrasound, I had to wait again since the midwife I was scheduled with a few hours prior had other appointments. Everything looks great on their end as well. The last 24 hour urine had even less protein than before! Woo hoo! I don't have to do another one for at least a week now. I'm so thankful for how things have been going with this pregnancy. God is amazing for keeping us healthy!!

Brian stayed home w/the girls since he didn't start working today afterall. Turns out the company where his contractor was sending him ended up not having that position available afterall. UGH!!! But he's still been applying for jobs, even though he thought he had finally secured one. I cannot wait for a job and income again so much!! But I am glad he was able to help watch the girls after a massive appointment today when otherwise, I would've had to take the girls in with me! Yikes!! God will provide for us. He's good like that! ;o)

And holy pelvis pain! The last week and a half or so my sciatic nerve has been on fire & my pelvis feels like it's separated about 10000000000 feet apart. The midwife gave me the name of a Webster certified chiropractor to go to to help (Webster technique is good for pregnant women). I go tomorrow afternoon for my consult & then have to schedule treatment appointments (thank you crappy insurance). I am in pain from it all, so I am really excited to start treatments ASAP!! I'm not complaining...I'd rather the pain and discomfort than the heartbreak of another preemie, but I am looking for some relief soon! I know if I was allowed ibuprofen, it would help, but can't take that until I'm not preggo anymore! So for now, I wait & get as much help with the girls as possible until I can get adjusted. Here's hoping it makes a world of difference like everyone tells me it will!

On that note, it's off to bed w/me. Way past my typical bedtime & I'm surely going to have early risers tomorrow because of it!!


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