Saturday, June 26, 2010

Venting & Bitching & Complaining...just fyi

I'm venting here because I need an outlet, so bare with me. I just need to let off some steam and I'm sure Brian's sick of listing to my whinning.

So Maddy got sick Wednesday. Sudden high fever, not feeling good at all. Lasted through Thursday & was gone when she woke up on Friday. I got nothing done I needed to do since she was so clingy & needy, but that's ok. That's part of my job as a mom, right? Yesterday afternoon she got sores on the tip of her tongue. Oh great, now it's hand foot & mouth disease? Which means cranky kid until the virus leaves her system. Not much eating/drinking & trying to appease her through Popsicle & semi-frozen watermelon. I started praying last night that Sophie wouldn't get sick, but sure enough, she woke up this morning feeling bad. She's sleeping now (she NEVER sleeps during the day so you know she feels awful) & refuses tylenol. In fact, if I try to force her to take it, she gags & spits & throws it up. Yay for me. Just gonna have to monitor her temps I guess & hope she feels better very soon!

The part of this that really bums me is Sophie has been looking forward to our family get together for the past 2 weeks, and if she's sick tomorrow, she's gonna miss it. No way am I taking a possibly contagious, feverish kid to a park with lots of people around when it's a for casted 92 and hot/humid. She's gonna be SO disappointed!! And miss out on the games she's been talking about for weeks. We'll hopefully get to go next year, but that's a whole year away. I am literally misty eyed thinking about how upset she's gonna be when she doesn't get to go tomorrow. I keep praying I can push fluids & rest and that she'll wake up tomorrow feeling good, but I'm not optimistic.

We have a busy week too w/4 doctor appointments (OB, chiropractor-2x & Maternal Fetal Medicine), so that means Brian will get to watch 2 sick/recovering girls. And his patience level isn't what mine is, so I think he'll go batty. And then there's the whole van leaking antifreeze from a broken hose that just cost us the equivalent of a tank of gas. I'm praying that's all it was--Brian doesn't think it was more than a cracked hose, but with our luck, who knows?! So now we've gotta pull money out of thin air to afford gas to even GET to appointments. Every single cent in my wallet counts. We're back to having less than $100 total to our name which I've been working hard to stretch and stretch as far as I can make it go. Thank GOD for WIC and the food we can get from the program as well as my aunt & uncle who had a bbq last night & conveniently made "way too much" so we could have the lots of "leftovers".

I really hope the things we're still trying to sell on Craigslist sell this week or our government gets their heads out of their asses & pays the back unemployment we desperately need & haven't been receiving. I wish we could cut THEIR salaries to pay for unemployment while they fight--then maybe they'd get things settled a whole lot faster. But no. Make the poor suffer just a little more while we're down. Great idea. How the heck are we ever gonna get ahead?!

I'm feeling really down today & wish I could just spend the afternoon crying my eyes out in the shower, but that obviously cannot happen. So I must suck it back up, bury it deep inside & continue on with what I need to do for my family as the mom.

C'mon God. Please give us a break for once!! Ok, I'm done whining for now. Feels a little better to get it out, but will feel even better once we're on the up & up again.

Edit: It's not just a radiator hose. It's the water pump. Ughhhh!! So we're down to one sorta-running car now until we can afford to fix the van. Boo!


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