Monday, July 26, 2010

Midwife Appointment Recap

There's a little TMI in this post, so be warned!

So my appointment was long today. Newbie did not want to cooperate for the NST, despite trying pretty much everything we could for a good 45 minutes. Of course today's the day Sophie begs to come with me & has to endure a super mega long appointment. After the NST, we went to wait for my awesome midwife & I would be *of course* getting checked today. Again, figures that this is the one day I decide to let Sophie come with me. Bah! So she hid behind the curtain in the room because she didn't want to see anything (nor did I want her to!) & I found out I'm 1.5cm dilated (and can't remember what effacement). His head is in a good position & she asked if I wanted my membranes swept. Um, heck yes! Worth a shot anyways! She kept saying she was sorry if it hurt, but frankly, it hurt less than my last pap! haha. I knew she did a good job w/it because of the cramping that I've had all night & the contractions every other hour or so. Nothing consistent, but definitely more intense & longer-lasting than they have been. Here's hoping it helped move things forward, because I'm getting anxious about hearing the word "csection" being thrown around again. We did ride home on a super bumpy road too in case it helps!!

Since I'm "high risk" and had that not great NST, there are new red flags being sent up. I have to do another 24-hour urine tomorrow & have another doctor appointment on Wednesday. I'm worried by what the outcome will be. I just want to be "allowed" to be left alone for the next 2.5 weeks until I am officially post-term. Please pray that my protein is still down & they'll give me back more breathing room again. Or that Newbie decides he's had enough of the cramped living quarters & my body goes into labor like now.

I just don't like appointments that end with csection talk. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth for sure. But Barb wants me to try everything in my power to focus on having that VBAC & encouraged my continued use of evening primrose oil & gave me some other suggestions to try (that I was already going to do, but it's nice when the midwife suggests them too!).

First I was anxious about making it past 33 weeks. Now I'm anxious about what will happen if I go past my due date. Good grief! I'm fully prepared for him to come, so please baby. Just come out now!!! Sophie asks me everyday (multiple times typically) if her brother's coming out today. I HOPE! :o)

---In other news, I FINALLY got my pump today! YAY! Hygeia has them on backorder thru mid to late August, so they asked if they could send me a check for the pump to buy it locally instead. Of course! So I found a retailer in Maryland, placed the order on Friday & it arrived this afternoon. Since Friday was my lucky day & the owner of the store had her baby, there was a 20% your total purchase sale & I got some awesome freebies as a result of it. I consider it my gift for waiting so patiently to get my pump! ;o) Hopefully I'll get to sterilize it all tomorrow & then I'll be COMPLETELY prepared for Newbie! I'm so psyched that everything else has been ready for weeks now (heck, months!) & we're just waiting on a baby to fill that car seat, those diapers, and that spot in our hearts. <3 On that note, this tired preggo is off to bed!

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