Thursday, September 30, 2010

Disposables are Disgusting

We used disposable diapers & hybrids during our trip to Indiana since we figured it would be easier to travel with and we weren't sure of the laundry facilities available to us.  Oh I do NOT miss using them one bit!!  I missed my babies cloth diapers & was anxious to return to get back in them!!!

Aside from the adorable factor a fluffy bum creates, cloth diapers are just far superior to disposables.  The only blow outs we've had in the past year & a half have been strictly from disposables not holding up to the job. (Not even user error--and that shocks me since hubby doesn't always put cloth diapers on correctly!  ;o)  Love you honey!) Well no wonder!  The fit on those things are awful in comparison to cloth diapers!  They don't hug around your babies legs like they should and certainly do not allow you to adjust the absorbency or fit.  In fact, Noah's size 1 disposable diapers were a full inch shorter on each leg than his cloth are.  No wonder he had blow outs with them & NEVER in his cloth--there's just not enough diaper to hold the explosive breastfed newborn poo in!  Maddy's weren't any better with the diaper shifting, sliding & sagging, so leaks were inevitable.  Good thing I packed a lot of spare outfits for Maddy & Noah!!

I HATED having to throw them away.  I felt so guilty about the trash we created that will not even being to decompose in my great great great grandchildren's lifetime.  It was a LOT of trash for 2 butts for only a week too.  I can only imagine the waste the Duggar's babies have created throughout the years.  Yikes!!  I hate the idea of only getting to use something 1x and quite literally throwing your money away.  Just think of all of the money we could have saved if we knew how easy (and dare I say fun?) cloth diapers were when Sophie was still wearing them!!

And another thing about those disposables...OH how bad it smelled!  Besides the diaper's typical odd chemical odor (even the "hypoallergenic" ones we used on Maddy), when either of the kids peed it reeked of urine and chemicals.  Let alone a poop diaper.  Look out!  You smelled them the moment they pooped and it permeated the room and trashcan.  I put some in my travel wet bag when we were traveling w/out a trash can nearby and that was the only thing that helped cut down the smell.  I flushed whatever poo I could down the toilet to help cut the odor (like it does with cloth), but it didn't make much of a difference.

So, while I am glad for the ease of travel (as in: not having to do diaper laundry while we were away), I certainly plan to find a way to bring cloth diapers along on our next trip--I will MAKE it work!  You know, because cloth diapers are just that much better!!


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