Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Recap of Our Indiana Trip

We left my dad's house on the 9th around 9:30pm so we could drive all night while the kiddos typically slept.  Good in theory.  It ended up taking us about 16 hours to get out there thanks to a 3 hour sleep break Brian needed.  The kids did well even though the girls woke up every single time we stopped for gas or a pee break.  Oh well!

We arrived at Camp Alexander Mack in Milford, Indiana in the afternoon.  I wish I had taken a picture of Brian & JJ's reunion.  They quickly acted like no time had passed and went right into reminiscing about the good old days.  I got the kids all down for naps & Brian snuck in one before the rehearsal dinner.  Maddy also explored the bunk beds and fell off the top just as I was reaching to stop her.  She cried for about 1 minute and then wanted to climb up the ladder again.  Fearless kid!  It was a beautiful day and I really wish it was like that for the actual wedding day.
We had a quiet evening and early bedtime (Sophie & Maddy snuggled together all night. aww!) so Saturday would be a little easier on us.

We woke up to cold & rain.  Not good for an outdoor wedding!  They had moved into an auditorium at the camp, and we spent the day in our lodge keeping busy and staying dry.  The wedding was sweet and meaningful.  You can tell that this day meant a lot and they planned certain things in memory of passed family members which was neat too.  The kids did well (Noah slept, Sophie sat & Maddy was antsy but ok).  The reception was at JJ's parents house under tents (brrr!) and it was a lot of fun as well.
 Excellent food (that JJ & his mom made!  go thrifty wedding!) and fun dancing.  We let Sophie go off to play with kids on her own w/out us semi-hovering and it was freeing.  Plus she seemed to be better behaved since then, I guess knowing we trust her and are expanding her boundaries a bit.  Noah slept, snuggled and nursed and Maddy clung to us.  hehe.  Needless to say, we all slept well that night (and Sophie got to sleep on the top bunk! whoa!)

Sunday brunch and the wedding gift opening was very nice just getting to hang out with other adults & have people pass around Noah to hold.

I've always wanted to be part of a family who snatches up the grand babies when they come to visit instead of having to keep asking them if they wanted to hold them.  Or just take the initiative to help out with the kids instead of us always having to do it all by ourselves.  So it was a refreshing break to have Kurt & Karen (JJ's parents) step in and be those psuedo-grandparents.

 It felt like a vacation for that reason too!!  We spent all day there with the family and went back to JJ's house for the night.  The kids went right into their routine (with a little encouragement from mom).

Monday was spent hanging out with JJ, Megan & Chuck (wife & JJ's brother respectively) and a family cookout followed by a pontoon boat ride on Lake Waubee (there at the camp).  Sophie even got to "drive" the boat!  We all had a great time and saw a beautiful sunset there on the lake.

Tuesday was another day we spent hanging out and playing at the camp.  We had a late lunch and then a nature hike around the camp's trails.  Maddy rode on Brian's back and I wore Noah.  Poor Sophie wanted to be held too instead of walking!

But it was another beautiful day and a lot of fun too.  Tuesday night Brian set up his projector and a bed sheet in JJ's garage to play Rock Band.  It was an awesome set up and I put the kids to bed and we rocked through the night!  I even had a beer! Whoa!  Just so much fun hanging out with them all and being able to let loose for a bit.  Thank the Lord that the kids all slept that night and let us have fun too!

We had brunch at JJ's mom's house (they're big brunch-ers) and hung out there with them until we had to get on the road.  It was just such a nice visit and lots reminiscing.  Brian has one of his oldest friends back in his life and seemed to really feel good about that.  He even was offered a part-time job as a driver (they not only run Camp Mack as directors but also run a VW Rialta dealership) when they need one delivered and has a plan to help them expand.

Our trip home was made in 13 hours.  Left around 3:30pm and got to Red Lion around 4:30am.  Only a few stops, which the kids woke up for still.  Around 2am, our bathroom/gas stop I needed to take the girls into the bathroom.  It was now officially Sophie's birthday so Sophie asked me if she was 4 yet.  And I said yes, she was.  Then she said "Oh Mom!  I just LOVE being 4!".  She's too cute!  Once we got back to Red Lion, we all crashed (well, except Maddy who wanted to read and smack books together and didn't let either of us get sleep until after 5am. ugh!) and I got up again at 8am to get stuff ready to meet up with my mom that day. We made it there & back in 1 piece!! :o)


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