Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cloth Diapering a Newborn: Part 2

Noah fit prefolds, the Bum Genius AIO & fitteds, Prowrap, Bummis & Thirsties covers just fine when he came home from the hospital at 6lbs, 3oz., but being the cloth diaper obsessed lover I am, I wanted to know when he'd fit the so called "One Size" diapers.  So when I tested these OS diapers that are currently in my stash & snapped pictures, he was just over 8lbs according to his 1 month well-baby checkup.  Most OS diapers claim to fit 8-35lbs, so he should certainly fit them now right?  Here's what I discovered:

Happy Heiny's-TRUE!  These fit Noah great on the newborn rise setting & were absorbent.  Newborn insert fit well & worked fine.  The velcro needed to be overlapped and then some to get his tiny waist secured but worked perfectly.Yes, they're a bit bulky on a tiny baby, but they worked!  I don't think the snap version would work as well, as they don't close around the waist very tightly.

Fuzzi Bunz-TRUE!  The rise can be adjusted by tightening the elastic that goes around the legs and back & they fit perfectly!  The newborn insert was absorbent and fit the diaper like a charm.  My only wish is that they still had the overlapping snap.  Adjusting the back elastic is really tricky.

Bum Genius 3.0--FALSE!!  These diapers have too long of a rise and Noah's legs had gaping holes around them, which equals leakage.  They worked on Maddy when she got closer to 10 lbs I believe, so I keep trying to see when they'll fit Noah too.

Bum Genius 4.0--TRUE!!  They fixed the rise issue in this newly updated version by lowering the small snap setting a fraction down & they now fit snugly around his legs and contain leaks.  And both the snaps & velcro work well for a newborn, so even better!  The newborn insert, though slim, works well for the day, but I would definitely use the standard size insert for more than 2 hours.

Nifty Nappy Fitted diapers--TRUE!!  Just a simple fold to shorten the rise, and these fitted diapers are all they claim to be & then some.  Vilate continues to impress me with her awesome work & not only do these diapers absorb everything & contain messes, they're stinkin' cute! (pun intended!)  I didn't even need a cover for this diaper, but would recommend using one, as there's no waterproof layer included.

KCKOne--TRUE!!  This is a patterned diaper that many WAHM use and it fit Noah great.  Our 1 and only Baltimore Ravens diaper currently, so Daddy is very pleased that his little man can join us in cheering for our team throughout football season (that is, when Maddy's not getting to wear it for the games!  Gotta get a 2nd Ravens diaper I think! lol!)  We stuff it with a microfiber towel folded up and it absorbed just fine.  I think Noah saw something Steelers related when we took this pic...hense the frowny face! ;o)

Those are all of the One Size diapers I currently have in my stash, as I accumulate more, I will update or if you have one you want me to test out, feel free to send it over my way! ;o)  I am PR friendly!  lol!


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