Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm a slacker

I haven't touched my blog in forever. blah! Life's just been so busy & I don't have time to type what I want to post about. Too bad there's no app to blog your thought stream without having to type it out. I get my best blogging ideas in the shower it seems & by the time I'm dressed & dealt with the kids, it's gone. Sorry for the long delay in between postings. I will try to do better!

Updates: Brian got a job--it's crap pay, crap hours, but potential for advancing quickly & in a field he loves. Plus, there's that whole "you get a job when you have a job" thing we're counting on happening. But a crappy job with little pay is better than no job w/out pay, right?

Sophie loves playing outside with her new friend Island and they literally play on the grass patch between our homes every single day. It's so cute to watch. She's been happier since playing outside so much, which I'm glad she can now. She is so freaking smart too. I cannot get over how much she knows, without going to school and not watching much "preschool on tv" or computer time. I've been making sure everyone knows that I don't want my kids to have much sedentary time, but would rather they run & play or sit at their table to play Barbies or something. And it really does help their moods improve instead of how crazy tv makes them act.

Maddy is a total copycat! I forgot how much fun this age is to watch. Her words have been sounding better & better too and she has a TON of them. I'm a bit worried that she doesn't speak in more that 1 or 2 word phrases, but I guess that will come in time too. I do plan on discussing it at her next well-check doctor visit in July though, just to make sure. She's also been quite the drama queen (a downside of this age. lol!). Like this morning, I gave her a cup with a blue lid and apparently she wanted the red lid, so she fell to the floor in a slump and threw a mother of all tantrums. I let her work it out and when she calmed down, talked to her about her feelings, but I have a feeling she's going to be overly dramatic like a certain 4.5 year old I know!

Noah is growing up so fast. So bittersweet. He cruises around everything & has been balancing himself & letting go for a few seconds at a time now too. It won't be long before he takes some steps I believe. He's been sleeping better *knock on wood* since his 4th tooth came in, now only waking 1-2x a night. I don't mind this one bit compared to the waking every hour or half-hour he had been doing for a long while there. He's still in our bed, but I'm thinking about transitioning him to the crib for naps, since his nap spot on the floor isn't the best either as he pulls up on everything and touches everything instead of sleeping. The girls have bunkbeds now (and Maddy sleeps great there--she waits until at least 7:30am to get out of bed to get me, so that's great!) so we have an empty crib. Gotta fill that space with babies, right? lol!

I'm trying to stay active & went down a pants size. I have no idea what I weigh or how much I've lost since our scale broke, but I think I don't want to know. Less pressure on seeing a specific number and being disappointed if it's not there. I have been doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred (thank you Netflix!) when I get the chance to, but have been focusing on making better food choices & uping my water. I just got word that we've been approved for a gym sponsorship to help cover the costs at the YMCA, so hopefully we'll be going down there a lot more to get in better shape too.

Next weekend I'm going to be house/pet sitting for my dad & Judy again. We did it last weekend while they were away (and Brian worked all but Sunday so it was mostly me 24/7 with the kids and the pets), but this time they're taking Sophie along with them (yay!) so I'll be down to only 2 kids! It's gonna be a breeze! lol! I'm looking forward to a little break and LOVE that they want to take Sophie somewhere. Some of my best memories from childhood are staying at my grandmas for a few days or going places with her for the weekend & I'm glad my dad & Judy are taking the initiative to spend time with their grand kids like that too. They ROCK! :o)

Alrighty, I've ignored the mess long enough. I hope there will be more postings soon so I'm not such a blog slacker anymore! ;o)

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  1. I need to do the 30 day shred thing. I have Netflix and I'm so not utilizing it to get in shape. =( Also about Maddy, my brother was a very late talker, but he grew up to be incredibly smart. We call him the genius of the family, and they didn't have early intervention or speech therapy back then. He had some of the highest test scores in the state in high school. So yeah, I don't know Maddy personally, but just to share my experience. =) You know what they say, all kids are different!


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