Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Insomnia & Family

Lately I've been having awful insomnia at night. I'm exhausted, but just can't settle myself into sleep. I am hoping that this weekend will relieve some of that since I'll be at my dad's with the kiddos for family reunions/parties/visiting and I get some help from dad & Judy.

Maybe I'm just really psyched to visit with my mom in Thursday (I am!!) after our soul cleaning 2 hour long chat the other day. I miss her so freaking much & am desperately praying for us to live closer to one another again.

I'm excited to see dad & Judy because I really really miss them too. And I cannot wait to see my brothers on Sunday!!! I miss them bunches!!

I just really miss my family. Maybe that's contributing to my sleeping issues. I need all of them to feel good. And that's not a bad thing--it's how we were designed. I simply cannot fathom how someone can live on the opposite side of the country or in a totally foreign land and not be completely depressed about not getting to see their family & hug them often. Call me crazy, but I pray now that my children won't live too far away when they're grown, because it would surely break my heart into a million pieces.

Anyway, I just hope that I will feel enough love & peace while I'm around my family to help me sleep better. <3

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  1. it's definitely TOUGH to live so far away from my family. and it DOES get the best of me sometimes. there are days when i'll break down into tears just because i want a hug from my mom. i get mad at myself for choosing to live in wyoming and not michigan. i want to be closer, but god gave me the miracle of skiing in the mountains and he gave me the miracle of cell phones, facebook, and email.


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