Tuesday, July 28, 2009

time flies!

Things are going ok I suppose. Hoping Brian's unemployment check comes next week so we'll have money to pay for bills and expenses we have that we've had to just do without. Ugg. I hate money. But enough about that crap.

I cannot believe Maddy will be 6 months old tomorrow!!! Time is seriously flying by! She is such a sweetheart and a joy in our lives. She coos, babbles and loves to laugh at someone hiccuping. She also loves her sister & Sophie is more than happy to entertain! Maddy is a pro at eating her cereal & LOVES mealtime in the evenings. She tries to sit up as much as she can, but still doesn't push up with her arms or roll. I swear the girl will be walking before she pushes up. lol! She is such a blessing & really an awesome baby. If they made them all like Maddy, everyone would have 10000000 kids! :o) It seriously seems like just yesterday that they were telling me I would be having a preemie so soon. And now she's already 1/2 of a year old! And still in 0-3 month clothes! haha! But I did just wash some 3-6 month clothes (though they're still big!!) and they'll be ready whenever she decides to grow more and fit into them. My little peanut!

Sophie's been overly tired lately. SO cranky in the afternoon that I've been giving her a nap again after months of not taking them consistantly. Still goes to bed super late, but at least she's more pleasant. Poor babe. Bible school last week really wore her out, but she had a blast with the other kids. I really hope we get to church more often for her to see other kids and learn more about God. :o)

Alrighty, I leveled up enough on FarmTown on Facebook that I can now go to bed. :oP my newest addiction. yikes! Goodnight!


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