Monday, July 20, 2009

When life hands you lemons...

So on Tuesday we had planned to drive to York & Lancaster to go to our storage unit and visit my brothers and Bobbie-Jo. We visited, picked up Bobbie-Jo to run errands with us, and when we dropped her off, my car died. It stalled, sputtered and died. We got it running and it ran for about 1/10 mile and died again. So we were stuck in York. Thank the Lord we were able to hang out with Bobbie-Jo (since she was SO close) all afternoon/evening instead of being stranded Lord knows where with two small girls. So we managed to get a ride back to Dad & Judy's house to crash there for the night, and I borrowed Dad's truck to drive up to Brian's parents to pickup HIS car and we'd try to fix the car the next day again. When we started the car, it ran fine. We figured it might've been bad gas? since we had a full (freaking expen$ive) tune-up done to it about 2 months ago. I drove home (to Brian's parent's house) and Brian followed me. I had to 2 pedal it the entire way home to keep it running, which I'm sure burnt up the brakes, but at least I got here Wednesday evening! And it hasn't started since. UGG. Brian & Mark tried to figure out the problem this weekend w/out any luck. I'm praying we can figure out something, because of course I need the car this week for a lot of stuff. Which just means Brian now has to drive us everywhere. Including a trip out to Parkesburg (2 1/2 hours away from here) for the day because a dear friend died on Saturday and I know I need to go to his funeral.

His name was Jack Handy & he was a 2nd father to me growing up. He took a group of us girls in under his wing when we went on missions trips throughout middle & high schools and I always cherished time with him around. Since I moved out of the area, I only got to see him a few times (last time was 2 years ago when Sophie was still a baby), but he always had a huge warm hug no matter how long it had been. He has been bravely battling cancer for the last few years and God finally eased his suffering and called him home on Saturday. I know Jack is in heaven with his amazing daughter Betsy. I am sad that we no longer will get to enjoy him on earth, but we will all meet up again one day in heaven. That I am sure of!

And Brian's parents are gone for the night (and possibly longer?). They are in Willes-Barre visiting Jim's mother in the hospital. Grandma Campbell has been in there for over a week and it isn't looking too good right now. She could certainly use prayers. I'm glad they are going to visit with her & sad it is under these circumstances. She is an amazing little old lady!! She's so fun and was the one who got Maddy to laugh her very 1st laugh. I am glad I finally got to meet her in May finally and pray that things get better so we can all see her again soon. If they don't, I know we will also see her in heaven, because of her strong faith.

So much heaviness lately. I am really trying hard to not let it get me down. I know God has a plan for everything and everyone. I am ready for this chapter of our lives to be closed and a new, better chapter to begin though!!! So onward to good news...

Sophie started her week-long Vacation Bible School (VBS) this week at her cousin Austin's church and LOVED it! She is in the preschoolers class and had so much fun singing and dancing. She even asked to go to bed when we got home. aww! I'm hoping to get to check out this church on a Sunday morning sometime. My SIL Paula is really excited that we're coming for VBS, so I'm sure she'd be tickled too if we came to actual church with her! hehe. The people I met were all extremely friendly & there's even another baby girl named Maddy!! (7 months old though). We'll see how it goes!

The kiddos are both doing well. Maddy has started teething. Drool factory, chomping down on everything in sight and the bump on her gum. She's even been fussy! That's how you know something isn't quite right...Maddy does not fuss. She's just a happy, content baby and this tooth is making her cranky. Poor babe! Hopefully it comes through soon and she can go back to being happy again. She still doesn't have great upper body strength and I have been patiently waiting for IE to call, but they haven't. She can't push up yet and wails when she's on tummy time. I have to help prop her chest with my hand to even get SOME tummy time in. Her head and neck seem strong. It just seems like her arms, shoulders, torso are not very strong yet & I'd love to learn new things to try and help that along. She will probably be able to sit up on her own before she pushes up or rolls at this rate! (which she is getting a lot better at! She LOVES sitting upright and I help hold her steady, but she's getting it!) I just pray I get a call soon or can learn some exercises for her in the meantime. I haven't found a new peditrician in the area yet (Gettysburg area doctors anyone?!??) and hate to have to drive the whole way to Lancaster again just for another IE referral. Oh well!

If you're reading this, please just keep us all in your prayers. When it rains it certainly pours for us, so I'm praying and trying to be as positive about everything happening in our lives as possible (which can be quite tough lately!). Thanks & goodnight!


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